Daily Announcements:


September 9, 2010


Is the hot summer sun beating down on you while waiting for a ride?... How about you cool off with a nice cold ice pop sold by Student Council for only 50 cents each! They will be sold in the front and back of the school with weather permitting.  So buy one and enjoy!


Are you talented in the visual, literary and performing arts?” Apply to the YoungArts Program.  Open to all 2010-2011 high school seniors. $500,000 in total scholarships and monetary awards and early registration qualifies you for a Scholarship List Service and access to over $3 million in scholarship opportunities to universities and colleges.

Application deadline is October 15, 2010 by 5pm EST. Come by the counselors’ office or see Mrs. Casey to register on line.


The first SAT test this year is Saturday October 9th.

The deadline for regular registration for this test is Friday, September 10th.  After the 10th a $24.00 late fee must be paid.

Come by the counseling center now to pick up study guides, registration materials, and test dates for all the SAT and ACT tests this year. 

All tests will be administered on the AHS campus.  

Check with your counselor to see if you qualify for a fee waiver for both tests.

Do you want to have a night full of dancing and fun with your friends? You should come to the Homecoming Dance on September 18th from 8-11:30 pm. Tickets are 10 dollars for singles and 18 dollars for couples. Tickets will be for sale during all lunches.


Do you think your class is going to have the longest spirit chain? Student Council will be selling spirit chains starting today all the way until the Homecoming Peprally. They are only 10 cents each, so come out and support your class!


In support of September 11th, we are asking everyone to wear red, white and blue instead of purple next Friday in remembrance of the people who lost their lives and for the soldiers who are fighting for us.


Seniors: If you are looking for tips on how to write that perfect college application essay, be sure to visit the collegeboard web site at www.collegeboard.com.

You’ll find all kinds of information about college applications, writing essays, and how to pay for college.  Please visit the collegeboard today.


Attention Prospective TAFFEY members! Balloting for this year's slate of officers will be Friday morning at 7:30 in C119.  Don't forget your dues and to come as soon as you can so that we can take care of lots of business.  TAFFEY meeting - Friday morning at 7:30 in C119!!


Attention seniors.  Bonfire is next week. If you wish to participate in the parade or the bonfire festivities you must complete and return a release from liability form.  These forms will be available this Friday at the Bonfire T-Shirt booth during all lunches. The forms may be returned to the same booth the following Tuesday or to Mrs. Griffith’s room in C303. Seniors, it is finally your time to celebrate in the Bonfire Parade and to dance and run around the fire with your friends… do not miss it … return your liability forms.

Spanish club will hold the first meeting this Friday after school at 3.30 in C 109 Ms. Praysner’s room. 


Here are the totals as of afterschool yesterday for the spirit chains: 


Freshman $14

Sophomores $72.41

  Juniors $116.49

  Seniors $122.36

Don't be fooled buying another classes color!


AHS Varsity Cheerleaders are looking for a manager.  If you are interested pick up an application in Mrs. Stower's room C102 or Mrs. Kotrla's room A110.


Voting for School Store Name during all lunches on Thursday & Friday"


School picture retakes will be taken in room C102 on Friday, so if you did not take a picture at orientation or need a retake please come dressed tomorrow.  Pictures will be taken during social studies classes or on off periods.


Football Tickets will be sold in the commons Friday during all lunch periods only. Students if you miss buying tickets at your campus do not come to the field house to buy tickets. They are not sold on Friday’s after 1:00 p.m. They will only be able to purchase tickets at the gate at 6p.m.


Congratulations to the Varsity Tennis Team for beating George Ranch 17-2 in their first district match. 

Winning matches in doubles were:

Ben Jefferson and Marcus Morgan

Kaleigh Kubala and Emily Dellinger

Jonathan Peltier and Ryan Sebesta

Ryan Outterson and Camila Perez

Matthew Head and Tim Phillips

Ashley Morgan and Jessyca Krueger

Katie Ross and Jason Peltier

 Winning matches in singles were:

Kaleigh Kubala

Marcus Morgan

Emily Dellinger

Ryan Sebesta

Ryan Outterson

Tim Phillips

Katie Ross

Camila Perez

Jason Peltier

Ashley Morgan

Jessyca Krueger

Attention Prospective TAFFEY members!

Balloting for this year's slate of officers will be Friday morning at 7:15 in the Library. This is a change in the time and place! Don't forget your dues and to come as soon as you can so that we can take care of lots of business.  TAFFEY meeting - Friday morning at 7:15 in the Library!


The newly formed Math, Science and Engineering club will be meeting today in room C316 (Mrs. Booth's room) today after school.

We will discuss a club name, possible activities, upcoming field trips and more.

Refreshments will be provided!

All are welcome.

Bring a friend.