Employment Opportunities

Professional Vacancies

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Anticipated Educational Diagnostician-Northside Annex/Position #141006002



Kindergarten Teacher-Frontier Elementary/Position #150319002

(2015-2016 School Year)



3rd Grade Teacher-Northside Elementary/Position #150319003

(2015-2016 School Year)



Kindergarten Teacher-Southside Elementary/Position #150319006

(2015-2016 School Year)



4th Grade Teacher-Southside Elementary/Position #150319008

(Language Arts/Writing for the 2015-2016 School Year)



2nd-4th Teacher-Southside Elementary/Position #150319007

(Vacancy is open with 2nd, 3rd or 4th Grade Possibility for 2015-2016 School Year)



Kindergarten Teacher-Westside Elementary/Position #150319005

(2015-2016 School Year)



5th Grade Teacher-Westside Elementary/Position #150319004

(2015-2016 School Year)



Special Education Teacher with Core Certification-JJAEP/Position #150204001

(Math Preferred)



Spanish Teacher-AHS/Position #140602002



Anticipated Science Teacher-AHS/Position #150319001

(Anticipated for 2015-2016 School Year-Science Composite Preferred) 



Mandarin Teacher-AHS/Position #141104001


Social Worker (3 positions)-District Wide/Position #150330001

*Applicants will be required to obtain ESL Supplement within one year of contract start date

 Contact Emily Gardner at 979-864-8028 egardner@angletonisd.net for

Professional vacancy information.

Para-Professional Vacancies

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PEIMS Assistant-Admin./Position #150331001



Special Education Instructional Assistant - AJH  P-1


 Bus Drivers - 4.5 Hour Regular Route Driver

& 4 Hour Special Needs Driver - M4




Custodian- $8.20 per hour




Child Nutrition Subs - $8.14 per hour



Classroom Substitutes



Must provide Substitute Teacher Certificate or Official College Transcript

(Minimum 30 college credit hours or completion of degree) and attend

AISD Teacher Substitute Orientation-

see Substitute Teacher tab for upcoming Orientation dates




LVN/RN Substitutes


Must provide Nursing License and Transcripts


$82.00 per day 




 Contact Gloria Efird at 979-864-8029 gefird@angletonisd.net for


Para-professional vacancy information.




If you would like to apply for a position in AISD, please complete an application. After completing the online applicationand criminal history consent form linked below, send in the  documents to human.resources@angletonisd.net .