After a student has been administered all of the district assessments required for the GT Program, and other various data has been collected, a placement committee will convene to decide if a student demonstrates the necessary skills and talents for inclusion in the program.  The committee is comprised of district educators who have been trained in gifted and talented education. They will review a matrix which includes multiple data sources. Each student's matrix is identified by a number, as names have been removed in order to eliminate any bias.  Once the committee has reviewed the information, a decision on whether or not to place the student in the program is made. 

In the days following the committee meeting, letters are sent home to parents/guardians of all the students who were considered for the program.  The letters will indicate the committee's decision.  If a student is chosen for placement in the program, additional information about the program he/she has been selected for will also be included with the decision letter.  Parents will then have to give written permission for their student to participate in the GT Program.