As of the second 6 weeks, 30% of freshmen are failing at least one class!


Angleton High School will not only continue to offer morning and afternoon tutorials, but will offer mandatory lunch tutorials for students with failing grades.

A failing grade is anything below a 70.

In order to become a 10th grader (sophomore) freshmen need 6 credits.

Each semester a half credit is earned for each class with a grade of at least a 70.

We want to instill in students that anything worth doing is worth doing well the first time so as to avoid losing social time to make up classwork.

IMPORTANT:Students that fail to attend assigned after school or lunch tutorials will be counted as absent and these absences will count with attendance for court purposes.

The new tutorials will begin second semester January 6, 2015.


Do you have access to SKYWARD?  Please call us at the HS to find out how you can keep track of your student’s grades, attendance and discipline.  979-864-8001 Ext. 7221


Questions? Call Associate Principal, Mary Griffith at 979-864-8001 EXT. 7265

Brazosport College will be holding a financial aid workshop Thursday, February 12, 2015.  The workshop will be held on the Angleton High School campus at 6:00 p.m. in Room B307 (third floor).  A bilingual specialist will be present

Financial Aid Checklist


Please bring the following items to apply for financial aid.

You will be UNABLE to complete your FAFSA or TASFA without this information.


o Student and both parents’ Social Security Number, if applicable

o Student’s Driver’s License, if applicable

o Student and both parents’ W-2 Forms and other records of money earned in 2014

o Student and both parents’ 2014 Federal Income Tax Return

o Student and parents’ 2014 untaxed income records such as Social Security, Veteran’s Benefits, Welfare Benefits, Child Support, Alimony, TANF, etc.

o Student and both parents’ 2014 business and investment mortgage information

o Student’s alien registration card if the student is a permanent resident

o A list of colleges or universities where the student has applied

o Parents’ marriage date or divorce date (month and year), if applicable



Lista De Verificacion Para Ayunda Financiera


Por favor de traer los siguientes documentos empezando en Enero para poder aplicar para ayuda financier.  Sin esta informacion, no podra el estudiante aplicar.


o Los numerous de Seguro Social del estudiante y de los padres

o La licencia de conducer del estudiante, si es applicable

o Las formas W-2 del estudiante y de los padres, y documentos de otra dinero gando 2014

o La declaracion de impuestos Federal 2014 del estudiante y los padres

o Documentos del estudiante y padres de ingresos libres de impuestos como los beneficios de SSI, de veteranos, del bienestar, Child Support, pension, TANF, etc.

o Estados de cuenta del banco de el estrdiante y los padres en el 2014

o Informacion de negocios y hipoteca del estudiante y los padres, si el applicable

o La tarjeta de residencia del estudiante si el es residente permanente

o Lista de colegios y universidades donde el estudiante ha aplicado

o La fecha de cuando los padres del estudiante se casaron o de divorcio





  • Be honest. 
  • Do the right thing even when no one is looking.


  • Do your part to create an honest community.
  • Be accountable for your own words and actions.


  • Treat others the way you want to be treated. 
  • Show respect for yourself and others.


  • Present your own work. 
  • Give credit for all sources.


  • Be kind and compassionate. 
  • Value learners and learning.


  • Encourage honor in others.
  • Support the common good for our community.

Introducing Talk About It …….


As a reflection of our school’s commitment to fostering a safer, more comfortable learning environment for students and faculty, we are proud to introduce a new program called Talk About It.



Talk About It is the nation’s first and only anonymous online messaging service.  It is a preventative solution focused on bridging the communication gap between students and faculty to create a place where teachers can teach and students can learn.


  • Opens the channel and frequency of communications between student and faculty


  • Fosters a safer and more comfortable learning environment


  • Provides students with a mechanism to reach out to adults and anonymously report problems


  • Builds positive connections between students and faculty members


  • Resolves student problems in a safe, efficient and timely manner


  • Allows students to assist in creating and maintaining a safe school environment


Today, thousands of students in more than 300 elementary, middle and high schools across the United States rely on Talk About It to report problems and incidents ranging from bullying, gangs, threats of violence, suicide and cheating to drug and alcohol abuse, pregnancy, depression, stress, physical abuse, self-mutilation and sexual harassment.


How to Log In:

To help your child log in to the Talk About It service, please go to and click on the “Login” link at the top right corner of the web page. If you should need further assistance, please e-mail a customer support representative at


Jerry Crowell:  Principal

Mary Griffith: Associate Principal

Bobby Adamson: Lead Counselor

Heather Dodge: Dual/Concurrent Counselor

Rebecca Reyes: College Advisor


Assistant Principals

Stephanie Ramirez: A-D  Christina Noriega Ruiz: A-D 
Christina Todd: E-K Lina Ramirez: E-K
Felissa Anderson: L-Ri 

Ashley Burns: L-Ri

Jay Janzcak: Ro-Z  

Page Friudenberg: Ro-Z



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