Vision & Goals

  • Advanced Academics

    Nurturing distinguished students who meet or exceed the standards of academic performance.

Program Vision

  • The Angleton ISD Advanced Academic Department is determined to encourage and challenge gifted students to realize and enhance their gifts, confidence, and potential by giving them the skills and opportunities to: 

    • Expand upon their leadership characteristics.
    • Motivate themselves.
    • Take risks.
    • Foster their curiosity to create life-long learners.
    • Become thinkers and problem solvers with real-world experiences.
    • Become well-rounded, adaptable, productive, community-minded citizens who make a difference, give back and are socially conscious.
    • Understand and respect their place in our global society.
    • Be tolerant of others.
    • Showcase common sense, and integrity.

Our Goals

    • Students will be prepared and eligible to enter and graduate from any four-year university or technical school through an academically rigorous curriculum and program.
    • Students will be provided with opportunities to become thinkers and problem-solvers with real-world experiences while fostering their curiosity.
    • Students will develop and expand leadership and social skills to become community-minded citizens and leaders.
  • Advanced Academics Department

    1701 Henderson, Angleton TX, 77515 • 979-997-7317

  • Janyce Hooper 


    Janyce Still

    District Gifted and Talented Teacher, Central Elementary School & Northside Elementary School


    Christine Kappmeyer

    Christine Kappmeyer

    District Gifted and Talented Teacher - Frontier Elementary School & Rancho Isabella Elementary School