• Phil Edwards

    Superintendent • 979-864-8025

    Phil Edwards is a veteran in the educational world with more than 30 years of experience as a public school administrator and teacher.

    He has spent more than 20 years in school administration, and Mr. Edwards stepped into the role as superintendent for Angleton ISD in the summer of 2018 after leading Kemp ISD for three years as superintendent. He has brought with him a strong understanding of educational administration and fiscal operations as well as an understanding of curriculum and instruction, including instructional technology and data analysis.

    Believing that students must be continuously challenged, Mr. Edwards promotes an atmosphere of constant growth and improvement, and he makes sure that students are given the appropriate support in which to be successful in learning.

    That support starts by making sure administration equally supports the teachers who have the greatest impact on student success, recognizing that the most important relationship in any school district is the relationship between a teacher and a student.

    Mr. Edwards also expects a high emphasis to be placed on the operational and fiscal components of his school district. As AISD’s chief financial leader, he routinely examines and makes decisions that promote a healthy fund balance while ensuring that the district and its employees have the necessary tools and skillsets to work toward increasing student achievement.

    Mr. Edwards also believes that as the district’s educational leader, he must be current on all educational trends and best practices, including the legislative process, and he understands his role as an advocate for his community and the students he serves.

    For Mr. Edwards, the superintendent’s main responsibility is to make decisions that are in the best interest of his students, including making difficult decisions that may not be popular, and he believes that begins by laying a foundation built on trust—trust with the board of trustees, staff, students and the community. Mr. Edwards believes that trust starts by adhering to transparent practices, building positive relationships, and communicating effectively with all school district stakeholders.

    Mr. Edwards has worked in many administrative roles during his career. Before becoming superintendent at Kemp ISD, he spent three years as the district’s director of special programs and five years as a campus principal at Kemp Junior High. Prior to coming to Kemp ISD, Edwards worked as a campus administrator and a teacher in Mesquite ISD, and he taught and coached in both Edgewood ISD and Aldine ISD before that.

    He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1989, gaining teaching certifications in both mathematics and physical education. Later in 1999, he earned his Master of Education in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University Commerce, and in 2013 he gained his Superintendent Certification from Stephen F. Austin State University.