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    The 2022 Bond encompasses $196,250,000 worth of projects that will impact every school in Angleton ISD as well as many of the district's administrative facilities. 

    Projects include:

    SAFETY AND SECURITY - $18.25 million in safety and security improvements that would include improving security at district entrances, police equipment and vehicles, and other facility and equipment needs to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff.

    NEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - $50 million for a new elementary school to accommodate expected
    growth across the district and provide relief to district elementary schools including
    Frontier Elementary, which is near full capacity.

    NEW JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL - $90 million for a new junior high school to accommodate expected growth while bringing the student count at the current junior high down at a cost of $90 million.

    CLASSROOM FURNITURE - the purchase of $9.5 million of new furniture for all elementary school campuses for grades 2-5 to provide equity across the district and better support small group, individual and large group learning activities.

    IMPROVEMENTS - $12 million for current elementary and junior high school improvements, including carpet replacement, playground repair and other necessary improvements where needed to address academic and general facility needs..

    DEMOLITIONS - $9 million in demolition, removal and renovation to outdated buildings and facilities, including demolishing and removing the old transportation bus yard, repairing the Marshall Memorial, renovating the Marshall building, and renovating usable parts of the Old Junior High then demolishing and removing areas that are no longer useful.

    CONTINGENCY - $7.5 million in contingency funds should needs or added expenses are covered as the projects are completed.

    All of these projects would be accomplished while still lowering the 2022-2023 tax rate 3.74 cents to $1.2296.

    For more information or specific questions, please email bond2022@angletonisd.net.

Creating the 2022 Bond