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    Our mission is to educate and prepare each student academically and socially through supportive relationships to maintain our thriving community.


    Achieving Excellence Because We're Wildcats

  • In March 2022, the AISD Board of Trustees & Superintendent conducted a board workshop to review district needs and develop AISD beliefs and vision statements, paving the way for Achieve 2026.

    A Strategic Planning two-day retreat involving community members, students and staff followed, and the team collaborated to define the mission, objectives and strategies of the Strategic Plan.

    District Action Teams were then formed, engaging stakeholders in meetings and developing Action Plans based on their input. In a final Strategic Plan Retreat with the original team, all plans were presented and discussed. Achieve 2026 was subsequently presented to the school board in June 2022.

    Superintendent Phil Edwards assigned team leads, start dates, and an accountability and evaluation system for monitoring Achieve 2026. Implementation of the action plans began immediately and will continue until completion.

    Approximately 100 school personnel and community members were involved in the process. Annual updates will be presented each Spring to report on the plan's progress.


    • All students can learn.
    • The learning environment must be positive, genuine, caring and safe for students and staff to reach their potential.
    • In clearly defined goals that set high expectations for student success.
    • In the value of parents and families as involved decision makers.
    • In viable curriculum and future-oriented programs.
    • In developing and retaining staff who positively affect student achievement.
    • Actively engaging the community results in development of our children.
  • Achieve 2026 pillars


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