• How do I apply?

    Visit with your AHS counselor and they will help you determine if PACE might be a good alternative placement for you.  Your counselor will retrieve your application and send it to PACE.

    How do I know that PACE received my application from my AHS counselor?

    Students will receive email confirmations when their applications have been received by PACE. 

    How long will I have to wait before I start at PACE?

    This is sometimes a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many factors.  You may have to wait for a very short time period, a longer time period, or you may be told to reapply at a later time.  The wait will depend on spaces available at PACE in addition to how likely you are to succeed in the PACE program.  Your length of wait does not necessarily depend on the date that you applied.  There are also instances where it would be best for a student to transfer to PACE at the end of the grading period or semester to ensure that credits for courses that are currently being taken at AHS are completed and placed on the student’s report card/transcript.

    How does the application review committee know if I am likely to succeed in the PACE Program?

    Our application review committee looks at each student’s story in its entirety.  Factors such as age, number of credits, extenuating circumstances, attendance at AHS, discipline issues, and evidence of academic success all play a role in where a student falls on the waitlist.   

    What is included in the contract that PACE students and their parent/guardian sign?

    Students and their parents/guardians will sign that they understand all guidelines to be successful in the program including staying on track with their assigned courses, earning at least 4 credits per semester, following all expectations (behavior, dress code, and cell phone policies), all while being actively engaged in the learning process.

    How can a student be successful in the PACE program?

    Once a student is accepted into the PACE program, an individualized graduation plan is developed based on the needs of the student.  Successful PACE students are self-motivated and willing and able to work independently online.  The student’s progress is closely monitored each school day and failing grades in assigned courses indicate that a student is not on track with their current plan.  A student may be placed on academic probation and PACE teachers/administration will develop a plan to ensure the student gets back on track with their courses by the end of the following week.  If the student does not meet these expectations by the set timeline, they may be removed from PACE and re-enrolled back at AHS.

    Do PACE students receive a different diploma when they graduate?

    No.  PACE students are classified as Angleton High School students that attend in an alternative setting.  Students who meet all criteria for high school graduation will receive a diploma from Angleton High School.

    Do PACE students “walk” at graduation?

    Yes! When PACE students finish their graduation requirements, they will be withdrawn from school but will walk at graduation with their AHS class in May. 

    Can PACE students participate in high school activities?

    While PACE students cannot participate in UIL activities/clubs or be official members of extracurricular AHS organizations, PACE students may attend after-school events like prom and games as student fans. Students need to abide by all rules and guidelines put in place by AHS/AISD including wearing student IDs to sporting events if applicable.

    What are the times students attend PACE?

    PACE offers morning and afternoon sessions.  The morning session is from 8:00 am until 12:00 am and the afternoon session is from 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm.  

    I need more information about PACE.  What do I do?

    Visit with your AHS counselor or call PACE at (979) 864-8003

    Our goal is to meet the unique learning needs of all Wildcats!