• The REACH Mentoring program matches a caring adult with a student on the brink of success. Our primary focus is on relationship building rather than tutoring, which we’ve found often helps lead to increased student academic success.

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    What is REACH Mentoring?

    REACH is a school-based mentoring program for Angleton ISD students. Students are recommended by their campus with parent permission. Mentors are matched with students based on personality, interests, and schedule.

    What is the committment?

    Mentors meet with their student one day a week for 30 minutes at the campus during school hours. Mentors are committing to mentor for the duration of the school year, but the mentor and mentee are both interested, they may continue meeting in subsequent school years.

    Mentors must attend at least one training session before being matched with a student. Sign up for training using the below link.   

    Training Sessions:

    September 23rd 4:30-7:30

    September 27th  4:30-7:30

    October 4th 9:00-12:00

    October 4th 1:00-4:00

    October 5th 4:30-7:30

    October 14th 9:00-12:00

    October 14th 1:00-4:00

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    • Strengthen the student’s self esteem
    • Improve the student’s planning skills
    • Develop the student’s interpersonal skills
    • Improve the student’s academic achievement


    • Sense of pride in the student’s progress
    • Personal growth and development through insights gained from the student
    • Deeper sense of individual worth through being trusted and needed
    • Meaningful involvement in the community


    • Support and guidance from a caring adult
    • Sense of security in having someone to trust
    • Increased self-esteem and motivation to succeed
    • Improved self-confidence
    • Appreciation for the value of gaining knowledge
    • Assistance with academic skills
    • Encouragement to attend school regularly and to stay in school
    • Reinforcement of coping and problem-solving skills
    • Awareness of social responsibility and concern for others
    • Ability to set and achieve realistic goals