• AISD UTMB Community Health & Wellness Fair
    Saturday, Sept. 10 2022
    9a.m. - noon

Vendor Topics

  • Healthy Eating
    Mental/Behavioral Health
    Skin Care
    Fire Safety
    Brazoria County Head Start
    Pregnancy Help Center
    Fitness Programs
    Women’s Health
    Community/District Food Pantry
    Stop the Bleed
    Weight Loss
    Drug/Alcohol Programs
    Breast Health
    Backpack Buddies
    Counseling Services
    Counseling Services
    Veterans Assistance Program
    Dental Care  

FREE Health Screenings

  • EKG
    Brain Health
    Sleep Apnea 
    Vision and Hearing 
    Dental Health
    Height, Weight and BMI

Things to Do

  • Donate Blood - Sign up to donate!
    Explore a Firetruck and Ambulance
    Meet Sparky and find the Robot
    Fire Safety
    Join a Yoga and Zumba mini session
    Play in the Kids Zone
    Sample Healthy Foods
    Watch AISD Dance and Cheer Performances
    Get Flu or Covid Booster Vaccines (with insurance)
    Fitness Programs
    Shop from Local Vendors
    Register for Angleton’s Jr Citizen’s Police Academy
    Register for Door Prizes - Win a Bike
    & More!

Learn How to...

  • Put on a tourniquet
    Perform Chest Compressions
    Find Menu/Put Money on AISD Account
    Prepare for a Hurricane/Evacuation Routes
    Sign up for the AISD Food Pantry
    Report on AISD Anonymous Alerts Reporting System
    Perform the Heimlich Maneuver for Choking

  • Bring Can Food Donations for St Thomas Food Bank!