Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I take dual credit courses?

    Taking dual credit courses in high school saves students money with discounted tuition, and time by earning college and high school credits simultaneously. Students will also gain college experience before they graduate high school.

    When can I start taking dual credit courses?

    Students can begin taking dual credit courses starting their freshman year. Students will need to first apply to Brazosport College through and take the TSIA2, if an exemption or waiver has not been met. All students must take Learning Frameworks as their first course. This course can be taken concurrently with an additional course. 

    Are dual credit courses weighted the same as honors and AP?

    Yes, dual credit courses that are weighted the same as honors and AP courses. GPA at AHS is unweighted on a 4.0 scale.

    How do I sign up to take the TSIA2?

    Students can sign up for the TSIA by going to TSIA2 is administered at AHS and students can choose a certain date they wish to test by filling out the Google Form.