School Health Advisory Council

  • A school health advisory council (SHAC) is a group appointed by the school district to serve at the district level.  Members of the SHAC come from different areas of the community and from within the school district.  The majority of members must be parents who are not employed by the district.  Texas law (Texas Education Code, Title 2, Subtitle F, Chapter 28, Subchapter A,_28.004) requires the establishment of a SHAC for every school district.

    A school health advisory council (SHAC) assist the district in ensuring that local community values are reflected in health education instruction.  Additionally, the SHAC can help a district meet perfaormance goals and alleviate financial constraints.  SHACs play an important tole in strengthening the connection between health and learning.  They can help parents and community stakeholders reinforce the health knowledge and skills children need to stay healthy for a lifetime.

    The Student Health Advisory Council meets 6 times a year at the Angleton ISD Administration building from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

    • 9/26/2019
    • 10/24/2019
    • 11/21/2019
    • 1/16/2020
    • 2/13/2020
    • 2/27/2020 *Health and Wellness Fair
    • 3/19/2020
    • 4/23/2020
    • 5/21/2020

    SHAC Agendas

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Wellness Program

  • All students shall possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make nutritious and enjoyable food choices for a lifetime. In addition, staff is encouraged to model healthy eating and physical activity as a valuable part of daily life. Angleton Independent School District has prepared, adopted and will implement a comprehensive plan to encourage healthy eating and physical activity. This plan shall make effective use of school and community resources and equitably serve the needs and interests of all students and staff, taking into consideration differences in cultural norms.

    In accordance with TEC §28.002, policies have been adopted to ensure that all students enrolled in full-day Kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school engage in at least 30 minutes per day or 135 minutes per school week of physical activity under the following conditions:

    1. Participation must be in a TEKS-based physical education class or structured activity.
    2. The school district has developed procedures for providing the required physical activity that must consider the health-related education needs of the student and the recommendations of the local advisory council.

    The School Health Advisory Committee was approved by the school board during the 2004-05 school year. This committee as required by law consists of:

    1. Public school teachers
    2. Public administrators
    3. District students
    4. School board member
    5. Food service director
    6. The clergy
    7. Health care professionals
    8. Parents (a majority of the persons must be parents of students enrolled in the district and who are not employed by the district)

    Policies are in place to ensure that the district complies with agency vending machine and food service guidelines for restricting student access to vending machines.

    Our Student Code of Conduct clearly states the penalties for the use of tobacco products by students and others on school campuses or at school-sponsored or school-related activities.

    Download the Wellness Program here.

SHAC Meeting Minutes

SHAC Agendas

SHAC Advisory Council

  • Kalean Bowie
    Kimi Hunter
    Amy Anderson
    Tracy Turner
    Ben Hargis III
    Janie Shaw
    Karen Aasletten
    Matthew Rife
    Tanya McCoy
    Scherri Stroman
    Mitchell Hernandez
    Carl Herbst
    Sonia Davis
    Cameron Peters