GT, TAG, & PAT Programs

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Gifted and Talented

  • Gifted and Talented

    In grades 6 through 8, identified gifted and talented students are serviced through Accelerated classes which provide differentiated instruction in core content areas.  In Language Arts, students work one year in advance ending with high school freshman English I in 8th grade for high school credit. In math, students work one year in advance ending with 8th-grade students being eligible to take Algebra at Angleton Junior High School for high school credit. In science, students work one year in advance with 8th grade students earning high school credit for Biology.

    Differentiation in the area of Reading/Language Arts occurs and is dictated by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills at each grade level, including the infusion of instructional strategies geared toward college and career readiness. Social Studies classes challenge students with accelerated pacing and a study of complex content. Students participate in the Texas Performance Standards Project annually.

    In 6th-grade, the GT students will take 7th-grade Math & 7th-grade Reading and 7th grade Writing STAAR Tests.

    In 7th-grade, the GT students will take 8th-grade Math, 8th-grade Reading, 8th grade Science STAAR Test.

    In 8th-grade, the GT students will take the EOC Algebra I, EOC Biology, EOC English I, and 8th grade U S History STAAR Test.

TAG Academy

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    Talented And Gifted

    In Grade 3, 4 and 5, identified gifted and talented students attend the Angleton ISD T.A.G. Academy located at Frontier Elementary and Westside Elementary. Gifted and talented teachers provide challenging differentiated instruction designed to meet the needs of their students. Students receive accelerated curriculum instruction. 

    In addition, T.A.G. students are provided opportunities to extend their classroom learning through independent research and field trips that reinforce concepts taught in the classroom and provide relevance necessary for real-life application.

P.A.T. Program

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    Promising Aptitudes and Tendencies

    Kindergarten students are identified for the P.A.T. program in the fall semester. These students are taught by a GT trained teacher at their elementary campus.

    Students identified in Grades 1 and 2 for P.A.T. participate in a pull-out program one day a week. Those students travel to Frontier Elementary or Westside Elementary to receive services for gifted and talented education by a gifted and talented teacher. They also receive differentiated instruction by GT trained teachers at their home campus during the school day.