Bus Rules

  • Bus Rules Photo

    1. Be at stops in advance (we suggest 5 minutes to be safe). Sometimes we are late, and for this we apologize for in advance; but generally speaking, we are very timely.
    2. It is not the school district’s responsibility to monitor discipline at a bus stop.
    3. Seating assignments will be the rule for all buses.
    4. Lap Shoulder Belts must be worn if equipped.
    5. Stand in a line at least ten feet from the bus when loading. No pushing or shoving to get on or off a bus and always let younger children on the bus first.
    6. Do not play at the bus stop and watch traffic at all times.
    7. Once you have exited the bus, move away from the bus as quickly as possible.
    8. Students must be seated before the bus is in motion and must remain seated for the duration of the route.
    9. Keep all heads, arms and elbows inside the bus and absolutely no throwing of objects either inside the bus or out of the bus.
    10. Keep the aisle clear of objects such as backpacks, purses or band instruments.
    11. Cell phones may be used, but when they become a distraction to the driver or others on the bus, they must be put away or risk being taken up (to be returned to the parent).
    12. Talk in classroom type tones – No screaming or yelling. This is very distracting to a driver. Silence is critical in the time of an emergency.
    13. Students are subject to all rules and regulations regarding the Student Code of Conduct while on the bus (refer to your student handbook).
    14. Only drinking water on the bus is permitted unless the privilege is abused. The driver will determine when this privilege is abused.
    15. Damage to the interior of the bus will result in disciplinary action as well as the parent’s responsibility to pay restitution.
    16. Students are not allowed to ride the bus home with a friend without written permission from the parents and prior approval from a campus administrator. Do not wait until boarding a bus for permission. It will be denied immediately.