Board Policy Manual

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    The Angleton ISD's board policy manual can be navigated in the following ways:

    • Navigate to the online portal here.
    • Search for policies by keyword(s) or use Advanced Search for more specific results.
    • Use Go To Policy Code to look up a specific policy.
    • Browse Sections to view the table of contents for each section of the manual.
    • Use the Topic Index to find important terms.

    To learn more about the policy manual:

    • Read the introduction to learn how the policy manual is organized.
    • Consult the help page for more tips on navigating the policy manual, performing searches, and working with policy documents.

    *These instructions are listed again on the Policy Portal home page

    Relevant Policy Codes

    DAA - Equal employment opportunity
    DAB - Genetic nondiscrimination
    DBAA - Criminal history and credit reports
    DBD - Conflict of interest
    DC - Employment practices
    DCB - Term contracts
    DEA series - Salaries and wages; incentives and stipends
    DEC series - Leaves and absences
    DF - Termination of employment
    DFAC - Return to probationary status
    DFB series - Termination of term contracts
    DFD - Hearings before hearing examiner
    DFE - Resignation
    DFF - Reduction in force
    DFFA - Reduction in force due to financial exigency
    DFFB - Reduction in force due to program change
    DG - Employee rights and privileges
    DGBA - Employee complaints/grievances
    DH - Employee standards of conduct
    DHE - Searches and alcohol/drug testing
    DI - Employee welfare
    DIA - Freedom from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
    DK - Assignment and schedules
    DN series - Performance appraisal