Requirements for Consideration


    Flyers must meet the following standards:

    · Produced by a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

    · Serving the majority of Angleton.

    · Include name of the organization sponsoring the service or event.

    Flyer Distribution Requirements


    *Each flyer must contain the following disclaimer printed in BOLD letters in at least 12 pt. type size:

    “This activity is not related to or sponsored by Angleton Independent School District.  Angleton Independent School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material.  The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service.”


    Approval Process and Access/Distribution


    To submit a flyer for approval, please follow these procedures:

    1.   Submit electronic copy (Word or PDF file) of flyer *with district disclaimer.

    2.   Submit proof of non-profit status via e-mail (slopez@angletonisd.net) or fax (979-864-8070).

    3.   If requested, 25 paper copies will be sent to campuses.  Campus principals will place the approved flyers in a central location for students and patrons who are interested.

    a. Duplication of flyers is the responsibility of the organization requesting permission to distribute.  The Superintendent’s Office will contact the organization to provide an approval number.

    b.   Refer to approval number with paper copies.

    4.   The flyer must indicate the organization’s non-profit or tax-exempt status.

    5.   Flyers will be denied for the following reasons:  for-profit and in accordance with policiesGKDA(LOCAL) and GKB(LOCAL).

    6.   Fundraising flyers are not considered from groups outside the school district.



    Timing, Distribution and Posting


    Submit material to the Superintendent’s Office as a Word document or PDF file at least one week prior to the distribution date.  

    *Flyers can be submitted earlier than submission deadline.



    Additional Information


    If at any time it is determined that previous flyers or written materials presented for approval contained false information or did not accurately represent the intent of the program, the approval of future flyers submitted by the requesting organization will be jeopardized.


    The Superintendent has designated the Secretary to the Superintendent responsible for reviewing and approving flyers for external, non-school groups or organizations that provide evidence of non-profit or tax-exempt status.