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  • Mr Warren

    Mr. Warren is our most tenured crossing guard, having come to work with AISD PD in 2012. He worked the busy intersection of Henderson and Downing for a number of those years, having just in the last few years moved down to the Hospital and Downing crossing post. Mr. Warren served 8 years in the United States Navy and has been married to his wife for 19 years, with a daughter of high school age. 

  • Ricardo Uribe

    Mr. Uribe was born in Eagle Lake, but moved to Angleton from California with his son. He began working as a crossing guard with AISD PD in 2017. Mr. Uribe also helps with footballs games and other events, as neede. He loves working with the kids and getting to know the kids and parents. Mr. Uribe is known for his talent in playing the electric guitar and in his off time can be found playing in various places around town, like the Angleton rec center. 

  • Robles

    Mr. Robles began his crossing guard duties in December of 2019. He is married to Mrs Robles, campus secretary for Frontier Elementary. Mr. Robles is a lifetime Wildcat, having graduated from Angleton ISD in 1974. Since then he has retired twice, once from Dow Chemical and a 2nd time from Briggs Equipment! He enjoys fishing and watching other people work. Mr Robles belives in taking life one day at a time and living life in the moment, letting go of the past and watching opportunities unfold. 

  • casas

    Mr. Casas came to work for Angleton ISD in 2020, when the school district picked up 3 new crossing, formerly held by the city. Mr. Casas has been married for 28 year and has 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren that he cherises. He has lived in Angleton for 30 years. Mr. Casas looks forward to getting to know the kids he will be helping safely cross the street at the Central Elementary School location. 

  • Hlavaty  

    Mrs Hlavaty is a retired mother of 4, grandmother of 5 and great-grandmother of 3. She previously was a crossing guard at Westside Elementary for the City of Angleton. When the Angleton ISD picked up that crossing guard position she was excited to make the transition from the city to the school district. It was important to her to continue to work that crossing position and continue to protect "her children" crossing at that location, as she truly feels those are all her kids, too. She plans to continue helping the kids cross at Westside for just as long as she possibly can. 

  •  Beccera

    Mrs Beserra was the crossing guard for Northside, at N. Downing St and Ridgecrest St when the City of Angleton had that crossing. She was anxious to continue working that crossing when the city gave it up to the school district to take over. Mrs Beserra puts the welfare of her kids crossing at her post as her highest priortity each day and wanted to make sure she would be able to continue to safely cross them, and so began to work for AISD PD as a crossing guard in 2020.