Applying for Scholarships

  • Applying for scholarships is a lot like shopping - you will grab twenty things off of the rack to try on, and only one or two items will be keepers! The idea is to apply for as many scholarships as possible. While you may be qualified to be awarded many, you may only be awarded a handful. Scholarships, in addition to other forms of financial aid including work-study, loans, and grants, will help to offset the cost of your education.

    Review the general application requirements:

    • Are there essays to write?
    • Are letters of recommendation or resumes required?
    • Do you need to submit a transcript?

    • Request letters of recommendation at least four weeks before you need them.

    • Create a one-page resume using the resume template below.

    • Request transcripts, both official and unofficial, from the school registrar (Mrs. McGough -

    • Submit applications sooner rather than later.