Our Philosophy

  • Our philosophy is to support our customers, students, and teacher, with technology resources that will focus on and provide for their success.

    We strive to create physical, networked, and on-line environments that will accommodate current and future technology seamlessly into the classroom environment. Our customers are supported through technical personnel, instructional technology coaches, and support staff that keep our technologies operational and used efficiently throughout the district.


  • The Technology Department's mission is to provide service and support to teachers and campuses in the acquisition and use of technology to enhance student performance, ensure the availability of information for users, provide teacher training, assist teachers with the integration of technology into content areas, provide a home-school connection, provide timely and accurate information about students, and provide quality and timely support services when needed.

    Through the effective and efficient use of technologies, we will:

    • Establish technology as an integral part of education.
    • Provide all learners with current and appropriate technological resources and support.
    • Provide high quality, on-going staff development and support.
    • Improve the productivity and efficiency of all school business operations.
    • Provide hardware, software, tools, and guidance for the use of technology.
    • Provide high quality internal and external connectivity.


  • We believe the Instructional Program is the primary factor for determining technology needs, and the CURRICULUM DRIVES TECHNOLOGY.  It is not an end to itself, but a tool for teachers to use to enhance their teaching and to meet all student learning styles.  Computer technology and audio/visual technologies, appropriate to the environment, can enhance the instructional presentation to groups and individuals, group discussions and cooperative learning activities.  The Angleton ISD District Technology Plan focuses on facility and technology requirements defined from an instructional viewpoint.

    We believe the most effective and productive technology implementation is intertwined between three components: INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, AND TECHNOLOGY PLANNING.  Through a consistent integration of these three programs, the district will effectively impact teaching and learning for student success.  

    We believe that STRATEGIC PLANNING will maximize the effectiveness of the technology initiative, and the implementation process must build toward the next level of the initiative.  The success of the technology plan is dependent on constant attention to the following factors:

    • Securing initial capital funding.
    • Securing ongoing operational funds for professional development, professional support, and technical support and maintenance.
    • Integrating technology into the curriculum.
    • Preparing facilities through infrastructure updates.
    • Securing long-term capital sources for system upgrades and replacement of obsolete components. Continually evaluating plan as it relates to curriculum, instruction and professional development.


  • Technology goals at AISD center on the success of students. These goals are established, revisited and revised as needed each school year:

    Teaching and Learning:
    AISD will improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness through the use of Technology.

    Educator Preparation and Development:
    AISD will provide district-wide staff development to improve technology effectiveness.

    Leadership, Administration & Instructional Support:
    AISD will provide administrative leadership tools, appropriate staffing, and adequate funding to support improved student learning and to increase productivity.

    Infrastructure for Technology:
    AISD will enhance the quality of instruction through district-wide implementation of state-of-the-art technology connectivity, hardware, and software as an integral part of the learning environment.