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Our Mission

  • Our mission is to prepare each student academically and socially to become a responsible and productive citizen.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe all students can learn regardless of ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status.

    We believe in clearly defined goals that set high expectations for student excellence.

    We believe in the value of parents as childrens' first and best teachers.

    We believe in the importance of quality curriculum and programs.

    We believe that quality teachers and staff increase student learning.

    We believe the community must actively participate in the development of our children.

    We believe the learning environment must be positive, genuine, caring and safe for students and staff to reach their potential.

Dear AISD Community,

  • Mr Edwards in a Classroom When I first arrived in Angleton just a few months ago, I quickly learned how tradition is ingrained in every part of the district and the Angleton community, and I have been proud to walk into a school district where that tradition is founded on the expectation of excellence — excellence in academics, extracurricular activities, and character.

    We strive to continue that tradition of excellence in everything we do, and we understand that in order to succeed, we need the entire A-Team, which is school, home and community working together to help educate the children of this great school district. Together, we are partners working toward one goal. You play a crucial part in helping us achieve that goal of making sure our students graduate Angleton ISD with the skills they need to be successful and productive members of society.

    At the same time, we recognize the important role we play as stewards to our taxpayers and the responsibility we have to be accountable to you. Therefore, we have compiled the 2018 Annual Report as a snapshot of how Angleton ISD has performed in the past year, and we encourage you to review the report to see how we are continuing to grow. I am proud that our FIRST (Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas) financial accountability rating is an “A” and that the district and all schools met standards in the academic accountability rating system as well. All of these rankings are the highest a district can achieve.

    Also, by creating the report, we have an opportunity to evaluate ourselves and look for ways to continue to improve the educational experience. We hope the report will provide you with a better insight into your school district, and we encourage you to be an active member of our partnership. If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to exchange great ideas with my A-Team teammates.

    My promise to you is that we will continue to improve educational opportunities for our students and to prepare them to find success in their futures whatever they choose. We will continue to strive for excellence, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to reach new heights.

    Thank you for all that you do to help Angleton ISD continue its tradition of excellence.

    Phil Edwards - Superintendent,

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