• Catalyst 2019

    Catalyst Program Partnership with Brazosport College

    Students at Angleton High School begin their junior year as students at Brazosport College, working towards an associate degree in a high-demand field, anticipating earning their degree one year after graduating from high school. 

Catalyst Program Partnership with Brazosport College

Catalyst 2021

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  • The Catalyst Program allows high school students to take a structured path in order to attain an associate degree in an in-demand field. Students who complete the program are ready to go straight into a high-skill, high-wage job, all within one year of graduating high school.


    Chemical (Process) Technology

    Chemical (Process) Technology students learn to control or operate entire chemical processes or system of machines.


    Instrument technicians design, install, repair and troubleshoot the instruments and control systems used in processing plants.

    Learn more today by speaking to your dual credit counselor or visiting brazosport.edu/catalyst!