Angleton ISD Teacher Professional Development Grant

  • The Details:

    To provide funding for in-state professional development opportunities that will enhance AISD teachers access to a diverse array of strategies to better help them meet students' needs.   

    Guidelines for Grant Applications

    PERSONS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY: Individuals or teams of teachers employed by Angleton ISD.

    AWARD OF FUNDS: Grants of $400 or less. The number of awards will depend on funds available. Because there is no specific deadline (rolling deadline), applicants are encouraged to turn in applications as soon as possible.

    DUE DATE: There is no specific due date for these awards (rolling deadline). Applications will be reviewed as they arrive and finish the intra-district review process.

    Application Review Criteria

    As stated above, grants will be awarded to teachers to allow them to attend PD that demonstrates a direct relevance to the District’s mission and strategic goals. Priority will be given to innovative and creative approaches that enhance AISD academic effectiveness. 

    1. Alignment of the proposed project’s objectives goals with the academic priorities of the campus and/or District.
    2. Soundness of the proposed project’s description, which should identify specific goals, project significance, measurable outcomes, contribution to academic priorities, and financial sustainability of the project.
    3. Soundness of the proposed project’s implementation and assessment plans.
    4. Feasibility of the proposed project as it relates to applicant’s expertise, experience and campus/district’s capacity

    In the event that proposal review committee members are not experts in a specific grant sub-specialty, District personnel knowledgeable in the proposed subject will be solicited for input to help elucidate the merit of the proposal.

    Intra-District Approval Process 

    Before applications are turned in, they will need to be approved by campus administration.

    Application Review and Selection Process

    1. Application forms are found at the bottom of the page.
    2. Questions about the application should be directed to the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction Adam Stephens at ajstephens@angletonisd.net
    3. All applications will be reviewed by staff in the department of curriculum instruction. 
    4. For each grant application submitted, the committee shall make one of the following recommendations: (a) disapproval; (b) disapproval with suggestions for resubmission; (c) approved 
    5. Successful applicants will be notified; funds made available as soon as possible. Successful applicants may also be recognized by the AISD Board of Trustees.

    Responsibilities of Grant Recipients:

    1. Use the award for the purposes intended (described in the detailed budget provided in the application). 
    2. Agree to share feedback, including successful procedures and ideas, in staff development sessions.
    3. If for any reason a grant recipient is unable to administer the approved project, all allocated funds will be returned. The grant recipient may reapply later.