• Digital Showcase
    AISD Digital Showcase - January 30, 2020
    Come check it out! Angleton ISD's 6th annual Digital Showcase will be held on the evening of January 30, 2020 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. The Digital Showcase is an opportunity for students and teachers to show off the impact of technology in the classroom and learn about how local industries use technology in our area every day. 
    Contact ahamilton@angletonisd.net for more info!

    What Happens at the Digital Showcase?  Students (with the help of creative educators) lead hands-on presentations that demonstrate how technology has impacted their life in the classroom.  Typically, students will demonstrate an activity or project that they completed in class with the help of technology.  The audience members usually spend around 3-5 minutes at each booth, so the prep needs are minimal.  This is a "come and go" event for audience members and usually lasts from 5:30pm-7:00pm.

    What do the local businesses do?  We invite local businesses to attend so that they can view the student/teacher presentations and give them feedback about how the work they are doing with technology is preparing them for exciting career opportunities outside of school.  Usually, these businesses will also bring something 'fun' and host a booth from their industry as well.   In the past, we've had guests from Dow, BASF, Microsoft, MSR Houston, Brazosport College, Layer 3 Communications, Brazoria County Libraries, Leeroy's Esports, and Square 3 IT, bring items such as robots, drones, computers, race cars, infrared cameras, Oculus Rift VR headsets, medical displays, and more.  

    What booths have teachers and students led in the past?  Google Classroom, Google Slides, Kahoot, Quizlet, Robotics, Google Cardboard, library e-resources, Makerspaces, screencasting, PhET simulations, Osmo, Classcraft, Bookshare, Flipgrid, Technology Accessibility Tools, Augmented Reality, Classflow, Quizizz, Plickers, QR Codes, web design, digital animation, video announcements, and more.

    Who Usually Attends?   Last year over 300 visitors attended.  The audience consists of parents, community members, educators, school board members, and local industry.  Some of our visitors last year were from other school districts and from areas outside Angleton ISD!

    Can I see photos from previous events?  Check out this free article from The Facts from 2016.  

    How can I participate?  Contact ahamilton@angletonisd.net  or any Digital Learning Coach for more information.