•  Guidelines for Technology Equipment


    Care of Devices

    Teachers and Students need to provide due care with ALL technology equipment to keep secure and damage free. 

    • Devices should not be placed on the floor or on sitting area, such as a chair.
    • Devices should not be left near the edges of a table, cabinet or desk top.
    • Devices should not be stacked on top of each other or any other objects set on devices.
    • Devices should not be left unattended.
    • Devices should be kept in a secure (locked) location when not in use.
    • Do not EAT or DRINK while using devices or in close proximity to the devices.
    • Do not place pens, pencils, or other objects on keyboards or laptops/chromebooks.
    • Do not carry devices while open. They should be closed when moved from one location to another. 

     Non-functional or Damaged Devices 

    • Student should report damage to teacher immediately.
    • Teacher will submit a "HelpDesk" ticket.
    • Technology will repair the damaged device if possible and/or replace device.
    • Should technology find signs of malicious damage to student device, teacher and/or administrators will be notified to discuss further actions.
    • Accidental damage to teacher devices will be addressed according to the AISD Technology Agreement form.

     Home-Bound Students

    Some students will be permitted to take devices home and will need to adhere to additional precautions when devices are taken off school property.

    • Do not allow pets near the devices.
    • Do not leave the devices in your vehicle or anyone else's vehicle.
    • Do not leave the device unattended.
    • Damage, loss, or theft which occurs to the device as a result of student failingto use due care (which includes but is not limited to failure to abide by the above preautions) will result in the parent /guardian being responsible to reimburse the district up to $255.00 for repair or replace the device and/or supporting components suchs as chargers, etc...

     Lost Devices

    • Ask studnets about missing device first. It could be that it wasn't put back after being used and is siting on a desk or table in classroom.
    • Teachers often share devices, so make sure to ask one of your fellow teachers about the device.
    • Contact principal and other administrator.
    • Contact the technology department via HelpDesk.
    • Tehcnology department will manage, lock and/or locate the device if capable.
    • Should the device be recovered, it will be returned back to the classroom.
    • If the device cannot be located, it will be marked as lost and a replacement will be provided.

     Stolen Devices

    • IF you suspect the device is stolen on school grounds, contact campus police. Make sure to identify the type of device stolen.
    • IF the device has been stolen off school grounds contact your local police department and make sure you identify to them the type of device and that it is the property of Angleton Independent School District.
    • The police department will get with AISD police officers to collabrate on solving the issue.
    • IF more information is needed to help manage and locate the stolen device AISD officers will get with the technology department.
    • A replacement device will be provided, unless otherwise noted for certain reoccurring issues.

     Classroom Management

    "Classroom Management" is a term commonly used in schools; it refers to the procedures, strategies and instructional techniques that are effective in managing student behavior and learning activities. Creating an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning can be very effective. This is a way for new teachers and veterans to find new ways of dealing with classroom situations that may be challenging for individual students or an entire class. Take a chance...because ineffective management in the classroom often creates chaos!