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    Connecting cultures through language learning.

    Working towards enhancing a child's learning, cultural awareness and potinial for success!

    ¡Trabajando para mejorar el apredizaje, la conciencia cultural y el potencial de exíto del niño! 

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  • Marbella Hooper

    Marbella Hooper

    Bilingual Coordinator

    Welcome! My name is Marbella Hooper and I am the Bilingual/ESL/LOTE Coordinator for Angleton ISD. I have been working for Angleton ISD for 13 years. I recieved my Bachelor of Science degree in Bilingual Elementary Education in December of 2005. I began working at Rancho Isabella as a second grade bilingual reading teacher on  January 6, 2006. After three years, I was offered a position at Angleton Middle school as the in-class support bilingual teacher for 5th grade. The following year we bacame Westside Elementary and I started my year as the reading intervention teacher for what became Kids' Zone. During my time there I was trained at the Dyslexia teacher and test administrator for the bilingual students. I also worked as the lead elementary bilingual teacher for the district. My duties included, making sure that placement testing and compliance paperwork was completed for all elementary Englsih Learners in the district. I learned a lot about our Bilingual Program as well as what it took to make it run successfully. In the summer of 2014, I was offered the position as the Bilingual/ESL/LOTE Coordinator. I completed my Masters in Educational Management and obtained my principal certification in December of 2014. I am dedicated to the program and to making sure that our teachers and our students are successful.