How It Works

  • AISD’s Virtual Job Fair will consist of these two (2) steps:

    STEP 1: Submit Your Application on the AISD Human Resources site.

    STEP 2: Beginning on May 13th, create and submit a 3-minute video to the AISD Virtual Job Fair site at or by using the code aisdjobfair in the Flipgrid mobile app.  You may submit videos for each campus/position you are interested in. 


    • You must have a Google or Microsoft Account in order to upload a video.  If you do not have one already, create your account BEFORE attempting to upload a video to the Virtual Job Fair.
    • Your device must have audio and video recording capabilities. 
    • If you use a mobile phone or tablet, you will need to download the free Flipgrid App from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for Apple devices.

    Need assistance? If you have questions at any time during this process, please note the following contacts:

    • For employment application questions and other Human Resources related questions, please contact Jeanette Green in Human Resources at
    • For questions related to Flipgrid, please access the Flipgrid Help Center located at the bottom of the AISD Virtual Job Fair home page, or contact Please allow at least 24 hours for email responses.

Video Tutorial

Step By Step Flipgrid Instructions

  • STEP 1: Submit Your Online Employment Application  

    1. Go to Angleton ISD Human Resources
    2. Complete the online application in its entirety
    3. Upload all necessary documents (cover letter, resume, etc.)

    STEP 2: Create and Submit Your Video in the AISD Virtual Job Fair Site 

    1. Go to the AISD Virtual Job Fair website at or by using the code aisdjobfair in the Flipgrid mobile app.
    2. The Join the discussion message will appear.

    3. Select your preferred login method.

    4. Enter your email and select Next.

    5. Enter your password and select Next.
    6. Select View Topics at the top left to display a menu of all the campuses and departments in AISD.

    7. Scroll through the list and select the school or department of interest.

    8. Read the instructions or prompt at the top of the campus page.

    9. Scroll down and click the red “Record a Response” button:

    10. If you are prompted with a message indicating “ wants to use your microphone and use your camera”, select Allow


    1.   Rehearse your response; each response can be no longer than 3 minutes.


    1.  When you are ready to record your video, select the white circle icon to begin* .

    2.  You will see a count-down from 3, 2, 1.

    3.  Note the timer at the top right, and remember you have a 3-minute limit.

    4.  Tap pause if you want to pause your recording or if you are done recording your video. If needed, you can select the circle icon again, and it will immediately pick up where you left off (with no countdown).

    *NOTE: Select the (Video Options) button to upload a previously recorded video. This can be helpful if you want to apply at multiple campuses.

    1.  If you are not satisfied with your recording or need to start over, select Retake in the bottom left corner. Then select Confirm.
    2.  When you have finished recording, select Next in the bottom right corner. 


      1. You will be asked to select a cover image for the video, which will be posted along with your video for administrators to view.  You have several options, including a selfie snapshot, uploading an existing photo, or creating a nametag.  

      2. Enter your FULL NAME in the Display Name box.

      3. Adding links and descriptions are optional.

      4. When you are ready to send your video, select the Submit button in the bottom right corner.



      1. After selecting Complete, you will receive an email notification from Team Flipgrid, indicating your video has been received. (see example below)

      2. Repeat these steps if you want to apply at other campuses in Angleton ISD.