• For many children, kindergarten is their first introduction to school and one that sets them on a path for the next 13 years in the Angleton ISD.  Kindergarten builds the foundation for an exciting time of learning and growth. Motor skills increase along with self-reliance and self-confidence.

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    Angleton ISD Kindergarten classes follow the required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. The TEKS identify the skills and concepts that 5-year-olds are expected to know and able to demonstrate by the completion of the kindergarten year. Kindergarten expands the social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills typical of preschool. Rigorous academic content is integrated within a developmentally appropriate framework that guides children in becoming intentional, self-directed learners who are ready for first grade.

    Each grade has specific standards or objectives, which outline what students are to learn, called Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Input from teachers, other stakeholders and early childhood experts help form these standards. In kindergarten, these TEKS have a strong emphasis on early literacy development. Kindergarteners also engage in math, science, social studies, art, fine arts and physical education experiences. The use of instructional technology is integrated into learning, as are other age-appropriate tools and activities.