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    AISD is committed to ensuring that students have access to enrichment experiences such as UIL and extracurricular activities, whether they are learning on-campus or online. AISD will follow the recommended safety protocols, and students and staff will be expected to follow the required guidelines when participating in these activities while at AISD facilities.

3.1 Outdoor Activities

    • Schools must have hand sanitizer or hand-washing stations readily available in the workout areas. Students and staff should be encouraged to use it frequently. 
    • All surfaces in outdoor workout areas must be thoroughly disinfected throughout the day and at the end of each day.
    • AISD will plan for entry and exit procedures that reduce the number of students and parents congregating outside and/or mixing around the outside workout areas and parking areas. 
    • Outdoor, school-based activities during the day may be conducted up to a maximum of 25 students in a group.
    • No more than 2 groups (max 25 people) are allowed in a common area at the same time.
    • Each school will provide safety guidelines for outdoor play areas.

3.2 Extracurricular Activities

    • Any student, regardless of how he or she is enrolled in school (on-campus or online), may be able to participate in any extracurricular activities, including UIL activities.
    • If a student is attending school through online learning and participates in UIL or extracurricular activities, then he or she shall attend all practices and scheduled class times for the activity in person.
    • All UIL and AISD guidelines for extracurricular activities shall be followed. (www.uiltexas.org/covid-19-information)
    • The No Pass and No Play guidelines shall be followed.