Elementary Asynchronous Plan

PreK-2nd Grade

  • Students will be split into AM and PM Groups and will be required to participate in daily live and recorded video lessons. Students will have dedicated independent instructional time, and each teacher will check in with each individual student at least once a week for 20 minutes. Students will be required to complete a minimum of 20 mins a day of Waterford reading and 20 minutes of Waterford math during those times that their groups are not in session. Teachers will also have access to My Lexia Core 5 reading.

3rd-5th Grade

  • Students will receive daily instruction in all classes, and students will have set times to work on digital activities each day. Instruction will be delivered via a combination of Google Classroom and other digital resources. Students will be required to respond to discussion posts in Google Classroom at least twice a week and interact with content on a daily basis. Each teacher will be required to post at least two live 20-minute lessons per class per day and to interact with every student individually at least once a week for 20 minutes. Each teacher should also plan to interact daily with groups of students during the CATS intervention time. Teachers will also have access to My Lexia Core 5 reading and access to AR reading tests, which can be used for attendance purposes. 

    Each elementary MUSIC/PE teacher is responsible for posting 1 lesson per week per grade level and also hosting daily drop-in times for students from their campuses during breaks.

    Enrichment teachers will also be assigned to support students by leading tutorial/intervention groups.

Online Learning Schedules

Pre-K - 2nd: Asynchronous Learning Example Schedule

3rd - 5th: Asynchronous Learning Example Schedule