Secondary Asynchronous Plan

  • Students will receive daily instruction in all classes, and students will follow their normal schedule in 30-minute blocks from 8:00-12:40 each day. This instruction will be delivered via  Google Classroom, and activities, assessments, and projects will be completed using a variety of digital instructional resources, such as Edgenuity, Eduphoria Aware, Nearpod, Lexia Power Up, and subject-specific resources. Each of the digital learning platforms and instructional resources have embedded tools and features that support students with disabilities, English Learners, and Gifted and Talented students.

    Students enrolled in some Career and Technical Education and elective courses may be required to visit the campus at specific times each week to complete hands-on activities. Teachers of these courses will communicate this information with students via their Google Classrooms.

    Students will be required to respond to daily discussion posts in Google Classroom, participate in live Zoom or Google Meets sessions with their teachers at least once a week, and access their specifically assigned digital learning platforms daily. Each teacher will be required to post at least two 15-20 minute lessons per class per week and to interact with at least two classes daily. Lessons will be recorded and made available in Google Classroom so that all students can access the lesson at a time of their choosing. Teachers will communicate the day(s) and times of their weekly Zoom/Google Meets sessions via their Google Classroom.


6th - 12th: Asynchronous Learning Example Schedule

  • *Students will work independently to complete assignments via Google Classroom and via various digital learning platforms such as Edgenuity, ICEV, Nearpod, and Lexia Power Up. Students can also take advantage of digital test prep during this time (ACT, SAT, Schmoop).