• Under our approved learning plan, students earn daily attendance through daily engagement measure(s). The TEA approved engagement methods are listed below:

    • Daily progress in the Learning Management System (LMS), such as Edgenuity/Google Classroom
    • Daily progress via teacher-student interactions, as defined in the approved learning plan
    • Completion/Submission of assignments from student to teacher (via email, on-line, or LMS). All assignments must be completed by 11:59PM in order to be reflected in that days attendance
    • PreK-2nd grade students attendance can be measured by meeting the daily number of minutes on Waterford.  

    Student engagement with the LMS or other instructional avenues and/or any daily contact by the teacher with a student focused on supporting or monitoring student academic progress, as defined by the approved asynchronous instructional plan, will establish daily attendance. A student will be considered absent if the student does not have documented engagement with the LMS and/or daily contact with the teacher and/or documentation of completion/turn in of daily assignments. 

    Each teacher is responsible for inputting the student’s daily attendance into SKYWARD for the asynchronous method, based on the student’s daily engagement with the LMS or other instructional avenue and/or the daily contact with the teacher, by marking the student remote asynchronous present or absent on that day.