Student Roles and Responsibilities

    • Establish daily routines for engaging in the learning process.
    • Identify a space in home where you can learn and study comfortably and effectively.
    • Regularly check Google Classroom for assignments.
    • Complete assignments with integrity and academic honesty.
    • Communicate with the school when you need assistance. We are here to help!
    • Submit assignments daily.
      • Assignments cannot be completed all in one day.
      • They must be completed and turned in each day for attendance and credit for the day.
        • For example, you cannot wait until Friday to complete all the assignments that have been given for that week.
    • Attend live instruction appropriately dressed in accordance to AISD dress code.

Parent/Learning Coach Roles and Responsibilities

    • Establish a partnership with classroom teachers to ensure a smooth transition from on-campus to and online remote learning.
    • Establish routines and expectations.
    • Assist your child student in locating a space in the home that is ideal for learning.
    • Monitor communication from teachers and school. § Monitor completion and submission of class assignments daily.
    • Take an active role in helping your child process his/her learning.
    • Attend district/campus trainings for implementation support as needed.
    • Use teacher office hours to help strengthen asynchronous learning.
    • Contact teachers, administrators, and counselors for additional needs and support for student learning.


Who to Contact

  • For assistance regarding a course, assignment or resource: the relevant teacher

    For assistance regarding a technology-related problem or issue: the AISD Technology Department Helpdesk

    For a personal, academic, or social/emotional concern: your school counselor or the Student Services Hotline

    For other issues related to online distance learning: the principal, assistant principal, or curriculum directors.

    Curriculum Directors