Online Learning FAQs

  • Will there be any changes to the attendance policy this year? 
    No, all AISD student attendance guidelines will be in place. Online Learning attendance policies can be found on the Online Learning Handbook. All campus attendance incentives have been suspended. 

    If my child is a new student to Angleton ISD and we want to participate in Online Learning, do I still have to enroll him/her? 
    Yes, all students must be registered online.

    How can I enroll my child in Online Learning? 
    Please fill out the Online Learning Enrollment Form.

    What happens if we complete the commitment form for Online Learning but change our minds before school starts and want to do On-Campus Learning?
    You will need to let your child's campus principal know of your decision, and they will help facilitate that process. 

    If I sign my child up for Online Learning, can I change him/her over to On-Campus Learning at any time during the year?
    Yes, there will be a maximum waiting period of five days.

    If my child participates in Online Learning, will he/she still be associated with his/her home campus?
    Yes, the student will be eligible to participate in all campus activities.

    Will my student’s Online Learning teachers be from our home campus?
    Not necessarily; however, all online teachers will be certified teachers. 

    How will online learning in the Fall be different from the online learning we did in the Spring during the state-wide closure? 
    Online Learning will be a more robust and rigorous program, and students will be expected to engage daily. AISD is expecting online learners to be engaged for a minimum of 4 hours a day.

    Will grading be different for Online Learning vs. On-Campus Learning? 
    Grading guidelines will be the same whether the student is attending online or on campus. 

    Will STAAR/EOC be administered in the 2020-2021 school year? Will students participating in Online Learning have to take the STAAR/EOC exams?
    At this time, TEA has not suspended STAAR administration for the 2020-2021 school year. Students participating in Online Learning will be required to follow the same expectations as students participating in On-Campus Learning.

    What happens after making a commitment to participate in Online Learning?
    Students will be issued Chromebooks from their home campuses, and Online Learning will start Aug. 17. They will be expected to begin school on the Online Learning site.

    Is Pre-Kindergarten in the Online Learning setting a full-day or half-day program?
    Pre-K will follow the same guidelines as all other grade levels. Please see the Online Learning Handbook. 

    Do Pre-Kindergarten students still have to meet state eligibility requirements to enroll in Angleton ISD and in Online Learning, just as they do for On-Campus Learning?
    Yes, they still have to meet state eligibility requirements. 

    Will online lessons be taught live or via pre-recorded video and be self-paced? 
    Online Learning will be asynchronous, which encompasses live, pre-recorded and self-paced learning. For more information, please go to the Online Learning Handbook

    Will students participating in Online Learning receive live, teacher-led instruction for the full length of a school day? 
    No, Online Learning will be asynchronous. 

    What will a typical daily schedule look like for an Online Learning student?
    Sample schedules are available on the Online Learning Handbook. 

    How will attendance be taken for Online Learning?
    Students will have to meet the AISD-developed attendance guidelines for online learning in the Online Learning Handbook. 

    Will the Online Learning curriculum mirror the On-Campus curriculum?
    All grade-level TEKS will be taught whether a student is online or on campus. 

    Will all courses that are offered with On-Campus Learning be offered in Online Learning for students in Grades 6 - 12?

    Is a hybrid learning schedule possible? 
    AISD is exploring hybrid learning options. Please check the AISD Update Center in the upcoming days for more information.

    What will the online platform be for Online Learning?
    Google Classroom. 

    How will Angleton ISD’s youngest students manage Google Classroom courses? 
    Students will be educated on the Google Classroom platform in the first few weeks of school, and AISD will also have a Parent Resource page to help parents navigate online learning. 

    In order to participate in Online Learning, does a student have to have access to a laptop and internet at his/her home, or is Angleton ISD providing computers and/or internet hotspots for students who choose to participate in Online Learning?
    All AISD students will be given a device. Students in grades K-12 will receive a Chromebook, and students in PreK will receive an Ipad. AISD will have a specific number of hotspots available to loan to students who do not have reliable internet access. Students who do not have reliable internet access and who AISD cannot provide access will be required to attend on-campus. 

    If I have multiple children participating in Online Learning, will they each have to have their own computer? 
    Each AISD student participating in Online Learning will be given a device.  

    Are iPads or smartphones acceptable for use by students participating in Online Learning? 
    Our programs may not be compatible with the iPad systems. Students are encouraged to use district-issued devices. 

    Will students in Online Learning have access to instructional materials, such as guided reading books or other classroom resources?
    AISD is working to ensure that Online Learning students have the same access to instructional materials as students on campus. 

    Will students participating in Online Learning need to purchase school supplies for the new year?
    Some supplies will be needed. School supply lists can be found on the Back to School HQ.

    Will resources be available for parents to support and monitor their children’s online learning?
    Yes, AISD will have a Parent Resource page. 

    Will courses taken in Online Learning be included in GPA calculations and class rank for high school students?
    Yes, GPA calculations and class ranks will be the same whether a student chooses Online Learning or On-Campus Learning.

    What about students receiving specific related services?
    If the related service can be delivered online, then students can receive it online. If the services are not available online, students will need to access those services on campus.

    Will GT, TAG and Dual Language instructional needs be able to be met in the Online Learning environment?
    Yes, all programs will be available online or on campus.  

    Will advanced courses such as AP (Advanced Placement) be offered in Online Learning?  
    Yes, all courses that are available on campus will be available online.

    If children participate in Online Learning, can they still participate in campus clubs or other campus organizations?
    Yes, they will be eligible for all activities on their home campus.

    Can students in grades 7-12 who select Online Learning still participate in UIL/extracurricular competitions, including athletics, fine arts, etc?
    Yes, they will be eligible for all activities on their home campus. All "No-Pass-No-Play" requirements as well as all other UIL requirements will still be in effect.

    Will students still be able to take Dual Enrollment classes in the 2020-2021 school year?
    Yes, Dual Enrollment classes will be available.