AJH Return to School & Campus Reopening Plan

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    The information in the individual school reopening plan applies mostly to students who will participate in On-Campus Learning.

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    For the safety of everyone, staff, students and visitors will wear masks, shields, or other types of face coverings.


    Bus transportation will still be available to eligible riders. Students will have their temperatures taken prior to boarding the bus, and masks will be worn.  We are encouraging parents to drop off and pick up their children if possible. A FastPass will be provided by the AISD Transportation Department for bus riders.


    If children have fever or symptoms when they enter the building or get sick throughout the day, they will be secluded in a classroom until their parents can arrive to pick them up.


    Car Riders/Walkers - Students may begin entering the building at 7:30 am.

    • 6th grade students will enter the building through the C wing side door.
    • 7th grade students will enter through the north I-100 wing doors.
    • 8th grade students will enter through the north I-300 wing doors.
    • When students enter the building, they will have their temperatures taken and be given hand sanitizer, and then they will report to their 1st period classes.
    • The morning bell will ring at 8:00 am, and instruction will begin at 8:05 am.
      • Students will be counted tardy after 8:05 am.
      • Students who are tardy will need to enter through the Downing St. entrance of the building and check-in at the front office.

    Bus Riders -  All bus riders will enter through the south entrance/cafeteria doors and report directly to 1st period. Students will follow the same COVID safety protocols as car riders and walkers when they enter the building.



    Students must report to school every day with their fully-charged, school-issued Chromebook. Students will not be allowed to bring personal devices for use during the school day.


    Parents will not be able to walk their children in on the first day. There will be staff to assist the students. No lockers will be assigned to students at AJH. All supplies, water bottles, and devices should be kept in backpacks. Students must turn off their cell phones and keep them in their backpacks from 8:00 am until 3:55 pm every day.


    All students will get a “grab-and-go” breakfast and eat in their classrooms where they will be able to socially distance. All students will receive a free breakfast.


    There will be no visitors permitted on campus except for scheduled meetings. If parents need to check out their children during the school day, the receptionist will assist them. All visitors will be asked to wear masks, take their temperatures, and sanitize their hands. All visitors will wait for their children in the security vestibule area. For safety reasons, “outside” food deliveries will not be allowed, and parents will not be able to bring outside food to the schools. This includes birthday cupcakes/cookies/treats.


    Classrooms are arranged so the students will be able to socially distance. Students will have opportunities for small group instruction throughout the day as long as masks are worn. Students will not share supplies or work areas. Classrooms will be sanitized daily.


    Students will need to bring their own supplies, and we will not allow students to share. Supplies will not be collected by teachers. Students will be expected to come with the necessary supplies daily, including school-issued Chromebooks. No outside devices will be allowed.


    There will be signage and markings that indicate social distancing throughout the building.


    Teachers will limit the number of students leaving the classroom for restroom breaks. The campus will use Google Hall Passes to monitor and limit student access to designated restrooms to no more than 3 students per restroom, school-wide. There will be signage and markings that indicate social distancing where the students wait for their turn to use the restroom. Restroom use during transition time will be limited to no more than 3 students at a time in each restroom. Every restroom will be assigned a monitor during transitions to ensure students are following social distancing recommendations.


    Students will not be permitted to drink directly from the water fountains. We ask that students bring a personal bottle of water daily.


    Any student, regardless of how they are enrolled in school (On-Campus or Online Learning) may participate in any extracurricular activities, including UIL activities. All UIL and AISD guidelines for extracurricular activities shall be followed. No-Pass-No-Play guidelines will be followed. After-school activities (other than sports) will be determined at a later date no sooner than October. Students who are involved in after-school activities must report directly to those locations. NO LOITERING IN THE BUILDING will be allowed at all.


    Students will eat lunch in classrooms with the exception of Band, Choir, PE, and Theater Arts classes. Students will be assigned specific tables/seats and will sit at the same seat every day. No more than 25 students will sit in an “area,” and a minimum of 10 feet will separate each group of 25. As students are eating their lunches without face coverings, they will practice social distancing. All students will receive a free lunch. Lunch will be delivered to each classroom by the cafeteria staff and available paraprofessionals. Parents may send a packed lunch with their children. Lunches brought from home should be ready-to-eat. No lunch deliveries will be accepted, and we will not allow lunch visitors. Students will be required to sanitize their hands prior to and after eating.


    Dismissal will be at 3:55 pm. To limit the number of students in the hallways at the same time, we will stagger the release of students from classrooms. All students must fully exit the building at dismissal. Loitering in the halls will not be allowed. 

    • All walkers will be dismissed first and directed to exit the nearest door. 
    • In case of inclement weather, alternative holding areas will be made available for walkers (the commons, auditorium, etc.).
    • Once the walkers are clear from the hallways, 6th and 7th grade car riders will be dismissed.  
    • Once halls are cleared, 8th grade car riders will be dismissed.
    • 7th and 8th grade car riders will be seated in the bleachers or standing as they wait for their rides. They will maintain strict social distancing protocols.
    • Two buses will be dismissed at a time. Bus riders will go directly outside and board their buses.
    • There will be signage and markings to indicate social distancing throughout the building. 
    • Face coverings will be required and students will follow social distancing recommendations.
    • Administrators and counselors will be strategically placed throughout the building to help prevent students from gathering.


    For safety reasons, we will not have an in-person Meet-the-Teacher evening. Teachers will film a short video introducing themselves and upload it to the campus webpage on or before August 13. 6th grade students will be able to “meet” their teachers during an informal Zoom meeting from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 13.


    6th grade students will attend orientation on their first day on campus during their College and Career Exploration classes (Monday, August 24 for A day and Tuesday, August 25 for B day). They will be introduced to the administration and counselors, learn about the campus and AJH expectations, and receive a presentation on COVID-19 safety precautions, daily procedures, and discipline. They will also tour the campus on a staggered rotation.


    If there is a positive COVID-19 case or if someone has COVID-19 symptoms at a campus, the campus will send a letter home with the students. If a child has come in close contact with the infected or possibly infected individual, the parent will receive a direct call from the campus.

    Due to privacy laws and rules, we cannot identify the person, student or staff, who has tested positive or who has symptoms. We will initiate our COVID-19 sanitizing and disinfecting protocols for the campus, and we urge you to continue to talk with your child about the proper safety precautions he or she can take while at school.

    We will continue to participate and encourage best safety practices at school, which include washing hands, use of hand sanitizer, wearing masks and/or face shields, and social distancing. If you have questions, please contact your child’s principal.


    Schedule and Chromebook Pick Up

    • 6th grade: Tuesday, August 4th 5:00-7:00 pm
    • 7th grade: Wednesday, August 5th 5:00-7:00 pm
    • 8th grade: Thursday, August 6th 5:00-7:00 pm
    • Any student who has not picked up their materials: Friday, August 7th 1:00-4:00 pm

    Reopening Plan:

    August 17:  FIRST DAY - All students participate in online learning.

    August 24:  6th grade on A/B schedule on campus/7th and 8th remain online.

    August 31:  6th and 7th grade on A/B schedule on campus/8th remains online.

    September 8:  6th, 7th, and 8th grade on A/B schedule on campus.  (This week has Labor Day holiday on Monday;  “A” students will be Wednesday and Friday, and “B” students will remain on Tuesday & Thursday.) 

    September 14:  All On-Campus Learning students (6th-8th) will be on campus Monday-Friday.

    A/B Schedule:

    A Schedule - Monday and Wednesday on campus / Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday online

    B Schedule - Tuesday and Thursday on campus/ Monday, Wednesday, and Friday online

    **Students in need of additional support may be scheduled to come to school on Fridays.

    A students - A-K  Last name 

    B students - L-Z  Last name