How SMART Tag Works

  • smart tag scan

    1. When a student boards their bus, they present their card to the RFID reader installed on the bus.
    2. The SMART Tag program logs the boarding event (recording the timestamp, location, and student information) and verifies whether or not the student is authorized to board.
    3. When a student disembarks, they present their card to the RFID reader again, and the program will log the event and verify the student is getting off at their correct stop.

Parent Portal

  • parent portal logo Register for the SMART Tag Parent Portal to sign up for notifications and access special features:

    • SMART Alerts: Sign up for SMART Alerts and receive emails or text messages when your child is approximately 10-15 minutes from their stop.
    • SMART Locate: Allows parents to view a map that shows where their child is while on a bus.
    • Authorized Guardian Release Feature: This tool allows parents to update authorized guardians through the Parent Portal.