Senior Parent Information

  • Administrative Team


    • Yvonne Goldman - Lead
    • Jessica Ramirez: A - D Academic Advisor / Counselor
    • Leslie Schmerber: E - K Academic Advisor
    • Candace Stavinoha: L - Re Academic Advisor
    • Beverley Byrne: Rh - Z Academic Advisor / Counselor
    • Heather Dodge - Dual Credit Counselor
    • Gwen Carter - Social Worker
  • Principal: Anthony Smedley

    Assistant Principals:

    • Keith Fuller - Lead
    • Melanie Christian
    • Justin Collard
    • Michelle Doss
    • Barbie Hicks


  • What does it take to graduate?


    Classification of Students

    Student classification is determined by the number of credits accumulated by the end of the preceding year.

    • To be a 9th-grade student (freshman) - successful completion of 8th grade
    • To be a 10th-grade student (sophomore) - 6 credits required
    • To be an 11th-grade student (junior) - 12 credits required
    • To be a 12th-grade student (senior) - 19 credits required

    Students must have a total of 26 credits to graduate.

    2022-2023 Graduation Plan


    Foundation + Endorsement (26 Credits)

    • 4 credits English
    • 4 credits Math
    • 4 credits Science
    • 4 credits Social Studies
    • 2 credits Language Other than English
    • 1 credit Physical Education
    • 1 credit Fine Arts
    • .5 credit of Professional Communication
    • .5 credit of Health
    • 5 State credits in Electives


    Foundation Only (26 Credits)

    • 4 credits English
    • 3 credits Math
    • 3 credits Science
    • 3 credits Social Studies
    • 2 credits Language Other than English
    • 1 credit Physical Education
    • 1 credit Fine Arts
    • .5 credit of Professional Communication
    • .5 credit of Health
    • 8 State credits in Electives
    • (4 State credits & 4 additional State or Local Electives)


    Additional Graduation Requirements


    EOC Test Required

    • English 1
    • English 2
    • Algebra 1
    • US History
    • Biology


    Endorsements students can earn:

    • STEM
    • Business & Industry
    • Public Service
    • Arts & Humanities
    • Multidisciplinary

    Endorsements are similar to a college major. They detail a student’s course of study.

    Texas Senate Bill 149

    Any student who has failed to pass one or two EOC tests may be eligible for graduation through Texas Senate Bill 149.


    1. Sign the High School STAAR (EOC) Non-Mastery Graduation Participation Contract
    2. Attend 90% of all tutorials offered in the second semester
    3. Complete an approved Edgenuity Course per each EOC that shows proficiency in the subject area; and
    4. Continue to retest EOC’s throughout the second semester
    5. An IGC (Individual Graduation committee) will convene to review the criteria requirements and make the decision whether the student may graduate. The decision of this committee is final and may not be appealed.

    Grade Point Average (GPA)

    • Accumulates throughout high school and includes courses taken for high school credit
    • All high school courses are included in the GPA - core, elective AND courses students may have not passed
    • GPA is unweighted
      • All courses have the same weight
      • Semester grade is used to determine the number of grade points awarded for each course
    • Rank is based on a weighted GPA
      • dual credit/Pre-Ap/AP are weighted
      • please refer to the Curriculum Guide for further information
    • Top 10% of graduates receive automatic admission to any Texas public 4-year college

College Information

  • College Entrance Exams

    *Visit the Counselors' webpage for study material resources*


    School Code: 440180

    Fee Waivers

    • A test fee waiver allows you to register for the SAT/ACT free of charge
    • A college application fee waiver allows you to apply to some colleges without paying the application fee
    • Only students who qualify for free/reduced lunch are eligible for test and college application fee waivers
    • Students must use the test fee waiver to be eligible for college application (up to 4 colleges)
    • Request a test fee waiver from the Counselor’s Office


    College Application

    Apply Texas

    • Used for Texas Public Universities and Colleges
    • Create an Account or Login to

    The Common Application


    What Colleges Look At

    Main components of an application

    • Grades
    • Rigor of courses
    • Test scores
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Recommendation Letter(s)
    • Essay

    Recommendation Letters

    • Ask teachers, coaches, club sponsors, youth pastors, family friends, and employers for letters of recommendation – someone who knows you well
    • Supply them with a Senior Information Sheet (found in the counselor’s office or you may email your counselor for the form)
    • Give at least three weeks notice
    • Remember to thank them for their efforts

    College Visits

    Students are permitted two college visits their senior year. To have the absence(s) excused, please return proof of your visit with a letter from the college on their letterhead. 

    With the coronavirus pandemic continuing, many colleges have opted out of in-person tours. Most colleges are now offering virtual tours for their prospective students. You may request an in-person or virtual tour for the college of your choice by going to the college's website.

    Financial Aid & FAFSA

    Types of Financial Aid

    • Scholarships - Donated $ that doesn’t need to be repaid. (income-based, merit-based, athletics, etc)
    • Grants - Money that doesn’t need to be paid back. (federal, state, military)
    • Loans - Borrowed $ that accumulates interest and must be repaid.
    • Work Study - $ earned through a job and doesn’t need to be repaid.

    To be considered for various types of aid, students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

    AHS is using to help our students complete the FAFSA.

    All seniors may log in using their AHS Google account. 


    Fafsa before you start info graphic


    Fafsa Tips for Parents


    Scholarship Search Engines

Additional Information

  • Attendance

    • Attendance still counts your senior year!
    • Go to class and/or complete your attendance on google classroom
    • If you miss school, be sure to turn in your notes from the doctor or your parent to the attendance office within 48 hours
    • Loss of credit can/will occur due to  absences in excess of 10% of each semester’s total days (90% attendance rule)

    Community Service/Volunteer Activities

    Lions Club Packets are available explaining the opportunity to earn a cord for graduation

    • Angleton School History Center
      • Linda Winder at
    • Stephen F. Austin Park
      • Dorothy Wilbeck at 979-864-0005
    • Angleton Food Pantry
    • Brazoria County Dream Center
    • SPCA
    • Hospital
    • Nursing Homes
    • Church

    Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination

    • Applies to all students attending institutions of higher education
    • Show evidence of an initial bacterial meningitis vaccine or a booster
    • Must have received within the last 5 years or at least 10 days prior to the start of school
    • Visit the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at for more information


    May 27, 2022
    7:30 p.m.
    Wildcat Stadium