Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Nominees & Inductees

  • Distinguished Alumni

    The Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame recognizes Angleton ISD alumni who have demonstrated a high level of success in their respective fields of endeavor and who have made a significant and prominent contribution through achievement, service, and leadership.

Nominating a Distinguished Alum

  • Guidelines:

    • Nominees must be recognized alumni of Angleton ISD (Angleton High School or Marshall High School). Nominations of deceased alumni will be considered for induction.
    • Nominees must have graduated at least 20 years prior to the recognition.
    • Nominees must meet the criteria for recognition as stated in the purpose.
    • Current Angleton ISD employees and serving board members may not be nominated.
    • All nominations are subject to verification.


    Angleton ISD Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame inductees will be recognized at the current year’s Angleton High School Graduation Ceremony and at a special reception the evening before at the Angleton ISD Pavilion and Angleton ISD History Center.

    Guidelines and Nomination Form:

    Click here for a printable Guidelines and Nomination Form.

2019 Inductees

  • Dr. Mark Bonnen: Class of 1986

  • Chris Heatherly: Class of 1993

  • James Calvin "Cal" McNeill: Class of 1981

2018 Inductees

  • Catherine Munson Foster: Class of 1925

  • Col. Laura Knapp: Class of 1990

  • Emma Lou O'Bannon: Class of 1951

2017 Inductees

  • Albert Korenek: Class of 1948

  • Michael Ramos: Class of 1977

  • Jeremy Stone: Class of 1995

2016 Inductees

  • State Senator Jimmy Phillips: Class of 1929

  • Robert "Roly" Rice: Class of 1959

2015 Inductees

  • James Greg Bonnen, M.D.: Class of 1984

  • Renard Thomas, Ph.D.: Class of 1972

  • Olivia Trevino: Class of 1958

2014 Inductees

  • Glenda Miles Davis: Class of 1959

  • John David Rainey: Class of 1989

  • Jackie Scott Tarter: Class of 1962

2013 Inductees

  • W. Perry Arnold, M.D.: Class of 1959

  • Dennis Bonnen: Class of 1990

  • LTC Stephen G. Ruth: Class of 1988

2012 Inductees

  • Peter Masterson: Class of 1952

  • Dr. Lynne Perryman: Class of 1969

  • Clarence Sasser: Class of 1965

  • Elizabeth Silverthorne: Class of 1941

  • Carla Zembal-Saul: Class of 1985