• Curriculum and Instruction

    Implementing innovative curriculum to create well-rounded learners.

    The Curriculum and Instruction Division is responsible for supporting district educators in meeting the academic needs of all students. The Division supports schools in both what to teach and how to teach by providing rigorous, standards-based curricula in all content areas and by offering ongoing professional development for teachers and administrators on critical instructional strategies that will help them address the needs of their diverse learners.

  • Curriculum & Instruction Division

    1900 N. Downing Rd Angleton, TX 77515

  • Percle

    Bridgette Percle

    Director of Instructional Programs & Professional Development

    bdpercle@angletonisd.net • 979-864-8058

  • Brandy Goins

    Administrative Assistant to the Directors of Curriculum and Instructional Material

    bgoins@angletonisd.net • 979-864-8036

  • Andrea Jasso

    Administrative Assistant to the Directors of Instructional Programs & Professional Development and Academics & Leadership

    ajasso@angletonisd.net • 979-864-8039