• Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Kindergarten is a super, incredible, and creative year for our little ones. We look forward in teaming up with you to better educate and support your child. Together, we will have a great and memorable year!

Teacher Information!

  • Amanda Sauceda| alheos@angletonisd.net

    Hannah Bernardihnbernardi@angletonisd.net

    Kaylee Empfield | kadelossantos@angletonisd.net 

    A note from the teachers:

    We are super excited for this school year! We will be learning a ton of new things! These include sight words, reading skills, numbers, how to write, and lots of other fun concepts.

    Mrs. Bernardi will be using class dojo to communicate with her students’ parents.

    Mrs. Sauceda will be using Bloomz to communicate with her students' parents. Her Blooms code is F62ESD.

    All teachers are avaiable via email.

  • Teacher Conference Time

    1:20 - 2:10 p.m. 

What to Expect at Kindergarten at Southside

  • Expectations for Language

    • Sight words: I, the, see, a and, go, can, yes, like, no,
    • Letters: Ll, Oo, Gg, Hh, Tt, Pp, Aa, Nn
    • Identify a character in a story
    • Write a story about yourself
    • Identify the main event of a story
    • Sequence events of a story

    Expectations for Math

    • Numbers 0-10