• Welcome to Second Grade!

Teacher Information!

  • Natalie Eberspacherneberspacher@angletonisd.net

    Kim Creswellkymizumoto@angletonisd.net

    Tina Gooden| tmgooden@angletonisd.net


    Parents, our goal is to make sure that you stay informed about your child's learning.

    This year, we will be doing that through phone calls and Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a great resource that can be used for behavior management and communication. It can also be used to encourage students to take ownership of their learning by creating a student profile and posting pictures or videos of what they are working on.

    It is a great platform for online learning as well because it can be used to communicate assignments and send worksheets that are needed to be complete. You can always reach us via email as well.

  • Teacher Conference Time

    2:20 - 3:10 PM

Curriculum Highlights

  • In 2nd grade, we will be working hard to make sure that your children have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of reading. From there we will grow them into skilled readers, not only being able to read, but learning reading skills such as summarizing and sequencing.

    For math, parents can expect their children to learn different skills and techniques in a fun and enjoyable way that they will be able to apply in everyday activities and real world scenarios.

    For science parents can expect their children to learn about the world around them through detailed observation, experimentation, and real life experiences. From those experiences, your child will acquire an array of scientific concepts and principals.

    For social studies, your child will dive into history, geography, civics, and much more to learn about the society they live in. We will also be using online programs to supplement your child's learning. These programs are Waterford Reading, Waterford Math & Science, Lexia Core 5 Reading, Prodigy, and Education Galaxy.


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