Welcome to the Library

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    Westside Elementary Library 

  • Welcome to the Westside Library! Libraries are such special places where one can go to explore the world. The inscription over the door at the Library of Thebes (the oldest known library in the world) translates “Libraries are the medicine chest of the soul” or “The house of healing for the soul”. Here at Westside, the library supports nurturing student’s love of reading. Early readers are supported with books which help them learn to read and grow comprehension. As students’ reading abilities mature, they are invited and encouraged to find books of interest to help grow their knowledge or read for pleasure.

    The library offers reading reward opportunities each year. Most program goals are measured with Renaissance Reading’s Accelerated Reader (AR) program. Students read the book then take the AR comprehension test (the book must be closed during the test). 

    • First grade participates in Principal Braun’s five point AR club. Once students are reading independently, they begin taking AR tests. Most books at this level are worth ½ point. Points are awarded based on correct answers. Once a student earned five points, they are invited to join the club. This includes a run down the hall while being cheered on by peers and a T-Shirt. 

    • Bluebonnet Books for grades 3-5. Students must read and pass 20 Bluebonnet book AR tests. Students who complete the  program by February 24, 2023, earn the movie and picnic field trip in April.   

    • Millionaire Club is a program open to students in grades 2-5. The word count is calculated from books read with AR tests. Students who read 1,000,000 words by April 21, 2023 are eligible to attend a special field trip. 

    • All students have the opportunity to earn points by reading and taking AR tests. Each quarter, students are given the opportunity to spend their points at the AR store. 

    To get credit for AR tests students MUST . . .

    • . . . read the entire book first

    • . . . take the test at school

    • . . . answers questions by themselves

    • . . .  keep the book closed while taking the test

    • . . . only take in the same language as the book was read

    Fundraising is an important part of the library program. This helps to grow the collection and replace lost or old well loved books and supports reading incentives. This year library fundraisers include:

    • Fall Scholastic Book Fair September 15-23

    • Spring Scholastic Book Fair February 9-17

    • NEW Read-a-thon February 27-March 3

    Reading Celebrations will take place throughout the year. Special events will be announced closer to the dates. 

    • November 14-18 Young Readers Week

    • February 27 - March 3 Read Across America

    Katherine Hepburn said it best, “What in the world would we do without our libraries?” Welcome to another wonderful year of reading - let the adventures begin!