• Welcome to Second Grade

    Second Grade Team

    Bottom Row (left to write): Mrs. Fischbach, Mrs. Giesecke, Mrs. Teater, Mrs. De La O
    Top Row (left to write): Mrs. Olvera, Mrs.Tigner, Mrs. Bolton, Mrs. Schwank, Mrs. Arias, Mrs. Vela

    Welcome to the exciting world of 2nd grade! On the 2nd grade team, we have 9 experienced teachers that will focus on students reaching their fullest potential. We want to build a community in our classrooms so children can grow, learn, explore, trust and question. We also want to see the children bond and make great friendships with their peers. Also, we want to create a safe and caring learning environment for our students.


    Teacher Conference Time

    10:00-11:00 PM

    Lunch TimeTime



    Lunch Visitor Days
    Monday, Wednesday