What is Title 1?

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    Being a Title 1 School means receiving federal funding (Title 1 dollars) to supplement the school's existing programs. These dollars are used for...

    • Identifying students experiencing academic difficulties and providing timely assistance to help these student's meet the State's challenging content standards.
    • Purchasing supplemental staff, programs, materials, and supplies
    • Conducting parental involvement meetings, training, and activities
    • Recruiting, hiring, retaining Highly Effective Teachers

Parental Involvement

  • Any district with a Title 1 Allocation exceeding $500,000 is required by law to set aside 1% of its Title 1 allocation for Parental Involvement. Of that 1%, 5% may be reserved at the district for system-wide initiatives related to parental involvement. The remaining 95% must be allocated to all Title 1 schools in the district. Therefore each Title 1 school receives its portion of the 95% to implement school-level parental involvement.

    You, as Title 1 parents, have the right to be involved in how this money is spent.

Title 1 Plan

  • The district Title 1 Plan addresses how the district will use Title 1 funds throughout the school system.

    Topics include:

    • Student academic assessments
    • Additional assistance provided struggling students
    • Coordination and integration of federal funds and programs
    • School programs including migrant, pre-school, school choice, and supplemental educational services as applicable.
    • Parental Involvement Strategies, including the district Parental Involvement Plan

    You, as a Title 1 Parent, have a right to be involved in the development of the district Title 1 Plan.

Campus Improvement Plan

  • A school's Campus Improvement Plan includes:

    • a Needs Assessment and Summary of Data
    • Goals and Strategies to Address Academic Needs of Students
    • Professional Development Needs
    • Coordination of Resources, Comprehensive Budget
    • The School's Parental Involvement Plan

    You, as Title 1 parents, have the right to be involved in the development of this plan.

Parental Involvement Plan

  • The school's Parental Involvement Plan addresses how the school will implement parental involvement requirements. Components include...

    • How parents can be involved in decision-making activities
    • How parental involvement funds are being used
    • How information and training will be provided to parents
    • How the school will build capacity in parents and staff for strong parental involvement

    Title 1 parents have the right to be involved in the development of the Parental Involvement Plan.

    Download the Parent Involvement Policy Here

    Evaluation of the Parental Involvement Plan

    Evaluation Requirements 

    • Conducted annually
    • Conduct with Title 1 parents
    • Analyze Content and Effectiveness of the current plan
    • Identify barriers to parental involvement
    • Data input may include...
      • Parent survey
      • Focus groups
      • Parent Advisory Committees
    • Proces and Timeline
    • How the evaluation informs next year's plan

School-Parent Compact

  • The compact is a commitment from the school, the parent, and the student to share in the responsibility for improved academic achievement. You, as Title 1 parents, have the right to be involved in the development of the School-Parent Compact.

    Download the School Parent Compact Here