Northside Return to School & Campus Reopening Plan

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    The information in the individual school reopening plan applies mostly to students who will participate in On-Campus Learning.


    For the safety of everyone, masks will be worn by staff, students and visitors. We will allow “mask breaks” throughout the day for students, and we will ensure students practice social distancing during these breaks.


    Bus transportation will be available to eligible riders. Students will have their temperatures taken prior to boarding the bus, and masks will be worn. We are encouraging parents to drop off and pick up their children if possible. A FastPass will be provided by the AISD Transportation Department for bus riders.


    If a child has a fever when he/she enters the building or becomes sick throughout the day, he/she will be secluded in a classroom and monitored by a staff member until the parent/guardian arrives to pick the child up.


    Car riders - We will begin unloading cars at 7:15 a.m. in the front drive and the back drive. Students may not exit their car without a staff member present and on duty. Students will enter the building and have their temperatures taken. They will also be provided hand sanitizer. The first bell will ring at 7:30 a.m., and instruction will begin promptly at 7:40 a.m. Students will be counted tardy at 7:40 a.m.

     Students will go directly to their classroom upon arrival. Students will practice social distancing in the building during arrival time. Six-foot increment markers/pawprints are placed throughout the building and on all hallway floors to mark how far apart students should remain. 


    Parents will not be able to walk children in on the first day of On-Campus Learning. There will be staff on duty to assist children to their classrooms.  Parents may send a picture of their child’s first day of Online Learning to our Northside Facebook Messenger, and we will highlight our students on Facebook!



    There will be no visitors permitted on campus unless there is a scheduled meeting. Receptionists will help parents who need to check out a child throughout the school day. All visitors will be asked to wear masks, take their temperatures, and sanitize their hands. All visitors will wait for their children in the security vestibule area. For safety reasons, “outside” food deliveries will not be allowed, and parents will not be able to bring outside food to the schools. This includes birthday cupcakes/cookies/treats.


    All students will be provided with the option of eating a free breakfast in their classrooms this year.


    Teachers have set up their classrooms for social distancing. Students will have opportunities throughout the day for small group instruction and group work as long as masks are worn. Students will not share supplies or work spaces. Classrooms will be cleaned/sanitized throughout the day by teachers and custodial staff. 


    School supply lists are posted on the AISD website. Students are asked to bring their own supplies. Student supplies will not be shared. Because parents will not be able to walk their children in on the first day, parents may put school supplies in students’ backpacks. If students have too much to carry on the first day, parents may send a few items daily.


    Safety signs and social distancing markers/pawprints are placed throughout the building.


    Teachers will take their class for scheduled restroom/hand-washing breaks throughout the day. Students may go individually if needed. Only three students will be allowed in the restroom at a time. Every student will have a personal restroom pass that will be used if needed to go during class time. Students will hang restroom passes outside the restroom door on wall hooks. Students will not go into the restroom if there are three passes already present. Teachers and students will practice this procedure. Every grade level will be assigned to a set of restrooms that only that grade level will use. Hallway markers are placed outside the restrooms for students to wait their turn while practicing social distancing. Students will be expected to wash their hands and will be reminded of this often. Students will be given hand sanitizer throughout the day.    


    Students will not be permitted to drink directly from the water fountains. Parents may send a water bottle that can be refilled with their children. Water bottles will be sent home daily to be washed and returned the following day.


    Students will participate in special area classes daily. Students will remain with only their homeroom. Music and Library teachers will go into the students’ classrooms. P.E. will be held in two separate areas. Special area teachers will ensure supplies are sanitized between classes. Students will be allowed a “mask break” if they are able to socially distance during special area classes. The P.E. teacher might take students outside if weather permits. Students and teachers will utilize hand sanitizer before and after special classes.


    Students will have scheduled recess times during the day with only their class on an assigned play area. We will allow the children to take off their masks when they are outside as long as social distancing is possible. If it rains, students will be provided “indoor recess,” which will consist of movement activities led by the teacher. Students will be given hand sanitizer when they go out to recess and when they come back in from recess.


    All students will eat in classrooms. All students will receive a free lunch. Parents may send a lunch with their child. For safety reasons, no lunch deliveries or visitors will be allowed.


    Dismissal will begin at 3:20 p.m. Car riders and day care students will stay in classrooms until their car or day care van arrives. All students will practice social distancing as they move throughout the building. We will provide a car rider tag for parents to display in car windows to help expedite the loading process. CAR RIDER TAGS are a requirement to pick up students in the car rider line. If parents need an extra car tag, they can request one from the front office. We ask for patience at the beginning of the year because we know we will have a lot more car riders than normal. With students being dismissed from their classrooms, it will take a little longer. Once everyone learns the procedures, the car rider line will get smoother and faster. 


    For safety reasons, we will not have an in-person Meet-the-Teacher event. Teachers will contact parents on August 13th by phone to “meet” and ensure parents are set up and ready to begin Online Learning on August 17th.


    All safety drills will continue to be practiced throughout the school year. Fire drills and severe weather drills will be practiced one grade level at a time to maintain social distancing and prevent congested hallways. Lock down drills and shelter-in-place drills will be practiced schoolwide. Students will remain in classrooms. 


    If there is a positive COVID-19 case or if someone has COVID-19 symptoms at a campus, the campus will send a letter home with the students. If a child has come in close contact with the infected or possibly infected individual, the parent will receive a direct call from the campus.

    Due to privacy laws and rules, we cannot identify the person, student or staff, who has tested positive or who has symptoms. We will initiate our COVID-19 sanitizing and disinfecting protocols for the campus, and we urge you to continue to talk with your child about the proper safety precautions he or she can take while at school.

    We will continue to participate and encourage best safety practices at school, which include washing hands, use of hand sanitizer, wearing masks and/or face shields, and social distancing.

    If you have questions, please contact your child’s principal.. 



    Chromebook Pick Up for Grades K - 5th & Pre-K iPad Pick Up:

     Wednesday, August 5th - 11:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

     Thursday, August 6th - 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

     Friday, August 7th - 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.


    Re-Opening Plan:


    August 17-  FIRST DAY-  All students begin “online learning”

     August 24- PreK & K begin A/B schedule and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th remain online

     August 31- PreK, K, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd begin A/B Schedule and 4th & 5th remain online

     September 8- PreK, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th on  A/B Schedule

     September 14- All on-campus (PreK-5th). All students at school Monday-Friday.

     A/B Schedule:

     A Schedule- Monday & Wednesday on campus/ Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday online

     (September 7 is a holiday for all students. This week only, The schedule will be A day Wed. & Fri., and B Schedule will be Tues. & Thurs.)

     B Schedule- Tuesday & Thursday on campus/ Monday, Wednesday, & Friday online

     A Schedule - Students with last name starting with A - K

     B Schedule -  Students with last name starting with L - Z