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    Angleton ISD has chosen to utilize asynchronous instruction for the 2020-2021 school year for online learning.  Asynchronous instruction does not require having the instructor and student engaged at the same time.  Instruction may include various forms of digital and online learning, such as pre-recorded video lessons or game-based learning tasks that students complete on their own.  Instruction will be delivered via Google Classroom and activities, assessments, and projects will be completed using a variety of digital instructional resources including, but not limited to:  Edgenuity, Eduphoria Aware, Nearpod, Lexia Power Up, and subject-specific resources. It is highly encouraged that all students attend online teachers’ Zoom meetings.  For Zoom days and times, please look in the “Need to Know” section in your teacher’s Google Classroom.



    Each student in Angleton ISD will be assigned a Chromebook, and those without internet may receive a hotspot.  Students must use the school-issued Chromebook for assignments, and should ensure the device is fully-charged before 8 a.m. each day.



    A student will be considered absent if the student does not have documented engagement in Google Classroom and/or daily contact with the teacher, and/or documentation of completion/turn-in of daily assignments.  If there is a disruption in internet service, or a student is not able to log in, please notify teachers as soon as service is restored or through Remi.  All classes require 90% attendance.  Teachers will review attendance from the previous day, and parents will be notified via phone call or text message when students do not complete a daily attendance check-in on Google Classroom or contact the teacher. 



    Students may find teacher contact information under the “Need to Know” section on each teacher’s Google Classroom homepage.  Teachers will have the following listed:  Email address, Google Voice phone number or Remind code sign-up for urgent messages, a Zoom link for live instruction, and online office hours for tutorials.  When parents or students have questions or concerns, it is highly recommended that teachers are contacted through Google Classroom or e-mail.  Teachers will handle mass communication to students through announcements in Google Classroom and to parents through Skyward email.  It is highly encouraged that parents of online learners have a working email listed in Skyward.  A course overview and syllabus can be found under “Resources” in Google Classroom and on each academic department page on the Angleton Junior High website.  Please check Skyward regularly to view missing assignments, and contact teachers, who will set discuss student progress, tutorials, and make-up work opportunities.




    Students must follow all teacher expectations and rules for each class, as well as those outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and the district’s technology Acceptable Use Policy.  When participating via video (Zoom, Google Meets, FlipGrid, etc.), they must exhibit a respectful attitude and attentive posture, similar to an in-person classroom learning environment. Specifically, students should sit upright and focus on instruction.  Students will adhere to dress code guidelines as outlined in the AISD handbook.  Recordings and pictures of others (both audio and visual) are prohibited.  Only district staff are allowed to record a portion of class.


    If a teacher determines that a student is non-compliant with the online learning behavior expectations, the student’s audio and/or video capabilities may be disabled.  Teachers and administrators will follow the disciplinary guidelines set forth by the district.  Students who do not follow the Student Code of Conduct will have their parents contacted, and an appropriate consequence may be assigned by the teacher or administrator.



    Teachers will assign a minimum of two (2) daily grades weekly and three (3) major grades every nine (9) weeks of the school year for each class.  Daily grades are worth 60% and major grades are worth 40% of a student’s average.  Make-up assignments or tests will be made available, and the student will be allotted the same number of days he/she was absent to make up the missing assignments or test.  Any assignments or tests not made up during this time frame will receive a zero.  Grades will be posted in the Skyward electronic grade book.  Teachers will update their grade books by 4:00 p.m. each Friday.



    Students are required to complete all assignments that are posted each week.  Students may work at their own pace, but are still required to meet the minimum daily attendance requirements for the course.  All independent work will be at a level that can be done independently by the student.  Students are encouraged to complete independent assignments between 1:15 p.m. and 3:55 p.m. daily.  Work that is received after 11:59 p.m. on the due date is considered late.



    Core teachers and select elective teachers will be available for live lessons and assistance during scheduled online tutorial times.  (Tutorial times can be found on Google Classroom).  A student may schedule an appointment with the teacher if the student is not able to meet during online office hours.



    If a student needs technical support for his or her Chromebook, the student or parent should submit a Student Help Desk Form located at angletonisd.net/techhelp.



    Some special education students may receive a Unique Learning System (ULS) username and password from their special education teachers in order to access alternate assignments.  Special education teachers will monitor completion of tasks/activities for progress monitoring purposes.  Additional supports will be provided for students who have individualized functional (life skill, behavior, etc.) IEP goals and/or objectives identified as critical areas of need by the ARD committee.



    Any student, regardless of how they are enrolled in school (On-Campus or Online Learning) may participate in any extracurricular activities, including UIL activities. All UIL and AISD guidelines for extracurricular activities shall be followed. No-Pass-No-Play guidelines will be followed. After-school activities (other than sports) will be determined at a later date no sooner than October. Students who are involved in after-school activities must report directly to those locations. NO LOITERING IN THE BUILDING will be allowed at all.



    Students receive 5-minute breaks between each 30-minute class period, and a 40-minute lunch is suggested before students begin work on independent assignments in the afternoon.  Although asynchronous instruction is at a student’s own pace, all core teachers and select elective teachers will follow the included schedule to provide live instruction and assistance.



    Students should complete daily attendance check-ins, dedicate appropriate time to learning and attend online tutorial sessions when assistance is needed.  Identify a comfortable and quiet space to study and learn.  Engage in all learning posted with academic honesty and submit all assignments in accordance with the provided timeline and due dates.



    Provide an environment conducive to learning and engage in conversations on posted materials and assignments.  Monitor time spent engaging in online and offline learning and encourage attendance in Zoom tutorials if struggling with content.  Check Skyward regularly and contact teachers with questions about missing assignments.  Allow 24 hours for response from teachers.