• Roles

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    ● Complete Daily Attendance assignments.
    ● Dedicate appropriate time to learning, comparable to a school day.
    ● Check appropriate online platforms for information on courses,
    assignments, resources daily. (Google Classroom, Edgenuity,
    Email, etc...)
    ● Attend, as much as possible, the regular Zoom meetings or Google
    Meets offered by each of your teachers.
    ● Identify a comfortable and quiet space to study and learn.
    ● Engage in all learning posted with academic honesty.
    ● Submit all assignments in accordance with the provided timeline
    and due dates.
    ● Ensure your own social and emotional balance by keeping healthy




    ● Provide an environment conducive to learning (access to technology, safe, and quiet space)
    ● Engage in conversations on posted materials and assignments.
    ● Monitor time spent engaging in online and offline learning, including
    variables like that of preferred study times.
    ● Encourage attendance, as much as possible, to the regular Zoom
    meetings or Google Meets offered by each of their child’s teachers.
    ● Support emotional balance by providing ample room and time for
    reflection, physical activity, conversation, and play.