• Flyer Approval Process and Distribution

    To submit a flyer for approval, please follow these procedures:
    • Submit electronic copy (Word/PDF/PNG/Jpeg file) of flyer to Emily Gardner at
    • Indicate student grade-level the flyer should be sent to
    • Flyers must be submitted at least one week prior to the distribution date. (Flyers can be submitted earlier than the submission deadline.)

    The Superintendent has designated the Secretary to the Superintendent responsible for reviewing and approving flyers for external, non-school groups or organizations that provide evidence of non-profit or tax-exempt status.

    To limit the number of paper flyers sent home, AISD will be sending approved flyers submitted by local groups through email. Flyers will be sent for AISD and non-AISD programs. For non-AISD programs, please the contact the organization or group for more information.

Flyer Archive

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    FUMC Pumpkin Patch

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