Graduation Guide

Before the Ceremony

  • Graduate Entrance 

    We will open the gates to the stadium at 6:00 pm on Friday, May 27th.  All graduates should arrive before 6:30 pm.  Graduates will park in the back parking lot of Angleton Junior High.  Graduates will enter through the back doors of Angleton Junior High and report to the gymnasium.

    graduate entrance

  • Important Reminders for Graduates:

    • You will report directly to your assigned seat on the football field when you arrive.     
    • Do not bring any prohibited items
      • Cell phones
      • Balloons
      • Beach balls
      • Signs
      • Posters
      • Noisemakers
      • Flowers
      • Purses/Bags
    • Dress code
      • Gown - normal appearance 
      • Cap - may be decorated but must be school appropriate. 
      • Stole - normal appearance.  Stoles cannot be decorated.  
      • Girls - dresses, skirts, or dress slacks, dress shirt, dress shoes.  Preferably no athletic shoes or sandals.  High heels may not be ideal for the outdoor environment. No sunglasses.   
      • Boys - slacks, button up shirt, or a shirt with a collar.  Dress shoes or boots, preferably no athletic shoes or sandals.  No sunglasses.


    Important Reminders for Visitors:

    Visitor Parking/Stadium Entrances

    • Visitor Parking/Stadium Entrances 

      • We will open the gates to the stadium for visitors at 6:00 pm on Friday, May 27th.
      • Parking will be available at Angleton High School, Angleton Junior High, Rancho Elementary, and the AISD Administration Building.  
      • We will run shuttles starting at 5:45 pm from the following locations to help visitors easily get to the stadium entrance:
        • Angleton High School flag poles
        • Angleton High School gym side parking lot
        • Angleton High School auditorium side parking lot
        • Rancho Elementary
        • Angleton Junior High front parking lot
        • Angleton ISD Administration Building  
      • Handicap reserved parking will be located directly behind the home side seating area at the stadium.      
      • Two entrances on the home side will be open and one entrance will be open on the visitor side.   
      • There will be no assigned seats in the general seating area.  
      • Handicap seating will be available on the track; only one other person will be allowed to assist a family member in the handicap section.
      Prohibited Items for Visitors

    To ensure that the ceremony is a pleasant celebration for all graduates and their families and friends, certain items are prohibited at the stadium:  

    • air horns,
    • umbrellas,
    • food or drinks (bottled water is allowed), 
    • coolers, 
    • drones, and 
    • animals of any type (this includes doves).

During the Ceremony

  • The ceremony will start promptly at 7:30 pm on Friday, May 27th. If you cannot attend graduation, we encourage you to view the live stream of this event by visiting the AISD website at  

    Graduation is a joyous occasion for the seniors and their families, and we want it to be celebrated with proper dignity and decorum.  The ceremony is an honor and a privilege given to the Senior Class and will be conducted in a dignified manner. The school reserves the right to remove any student from the ceremony due to behavior. Out of respect for Angleton High School, the class of 2022, and guests in attendance, you must act accordingly. Please make certain that we keep the focus on the graduating class as a whole.  Do not behave in a manner that takes the attention away from other graduates.  Refrain from blowing air horns during the calling of the names.  Our request for a dignified ceremony can only happen with your cooperation. The school may hold a student's diploma and require the student to complete community service hours for misbehavior at the commencement ceremony before the diploma is given to the student. 

    Please note that we will issue official diplomas for students after graduation during the summer.  Diplomas will be available for pick up at the front desk of Angleton High School throughout the summer.  You will need to bring your school ID or driver's license.

After the Ceremony

  • Family members, visitors, and guests will not be allowed on the field at any time.  

    The administrators on the field will dismiss the graduates in a calm orderly fashion.  All attendees must exit the premises after the ceremony.  Congregating on the field is prohibited.   

Weather Contingency Information

  • In the event of rain, we will continue the ceremony unless the rain is too heavy and/or there is lightning.  If the ceremony is postponed due to rain, we will attempt to hold the ceremony the following day on Saturday, May 28, 2022 at the same time of 7:30 pm.  We do not anticipate any inclement weather at this time.