• Anthony Smedley Photo Anthony Smedley

    Principal & Campus Behavior Coordinator


    Mr. Anthony Smedley is a dedicated and passionate educator who proudly serves as Principal of Angleton High School.  Raised in Brazoria County, his journey in education is deeply intertwined with the roots of Angleton, TX.

    From a young age, Mr. Smedley demonstrated a keen interest in learning and a natural ability to connect with his peers. He carried the spirit of his community with him as he pursued higher education.  Mr. Smedley earned his Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Technology and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Houston.   He began his teaching career at Angleton High School to inspire the next generation of students.

    While teaching at Angleton High School, he continued his studies at Lamar University and obtained a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.  His commitment to academic excellence and fostering a positive school culture did not go unnoticed. Mr. Smedley quickly progressed through the ranks, taking on leadership roles within the school district. His tireless efforts and innovative approach to education caught the attention of AISD district administrators, leading to his appointment as the high school principal.

    Mr. Smedley is not alone in his dedication to education and the community.  He is supported by his loving family—his wife, Lisa Smedley, and their two daughters, Alyssa  and Mya who both attend school in AISD.

    Under Mr. Smedley’s leadership, Angleton High School continues to thrive, not only as an institution of learning but as a place where the values of family and community are woven into the fabric of education.  He ensures that Angleton High School embodies the spirit of the community and remains a beacon of inspiration and growth for all its residents.

    Mr. Smedley’s mission in life is very clear - to win the hearts and minds of his students and lead them to their personal best.